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December 2005

Conference seeks way forward together
By Paul Titus
In his presidential address after his induction Rev Dr John Salmon asked a question:
What does it mean to be Christian and Church in the kind of world we face today?
John framed his question in the context of global and local forces, cultural and religious diversity, and our stressed environment, As Conference unfolded it would illustrate the ups and downs these forces can bring.

Conference affirms, applauds role of deacons
By Paul Titus
A noteworthy step Conference 2005 took was to affirm the place of deacons within the life the Methodist Church of NZ.

Streams of thought mingle at Uniting Congregations’ Forum
By Paul Titus
A lively abstract painting of two South Island rivers viewed from on high had pride of place at the sixth biennial Forum of the Uniting Congregations of Aotearoa New Zealand. Lorraine Reid’s painting was the ideal icon for the three-day Forum, which was held in Dunedin last month and had the theme of Braided Rivers.

Closure sought on organic union
By Paul Titus
Among the tasks of the Forum of UCANZ is to elect the members and chairperson of its Standing Committee. The Standing Committee is made up of eight representatives from the five partner churches and nine from Uniting Congregations. It acts as the board of governance for the Forum and develops policy it can implement.

Mainline churches in a post-denominational era
By Rev Dr Kevin Ward
One of biggest social changes of the past 40 years has been the loss of local community. Prior to the 1960s, a substantial part of life took place in local communities.

Tauiwi youth live the diversity of Te Hahi Weteriana
The controversy surrounding the selection of president at NZ Methodist Conference 2005 underscores the cultural and religious dilemmas Pacific young people face growing up in New Zealand.

Devonport rows into history
As part of the 150th anniversary celebrations for Devonport Methodist Church parishioner Geoff Allen rowed the congregation's minister, Rev Robyn Allen Goudge. This was done in tribute to the area’s first Methodist preacher, Anatipa, a young Maori student, who was rowed over from the city 150 years ago.