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June 2004

Aim to reconcile creation and evolution
Is there a middle ground between ‘fundamentalist’ Christians, who believe the Bible is literally true and God makes everything in the universe happen, and ‘fundamentalist’ scientists, who believe everything in the universe is the result of chance?
Rev David Bell believes so and he has written a book for teenagers...
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Hikoi finds church support
By Joanna Davis
The banner read ‘Methodists supporting the hikoi’, and Methodist President Lynne Frith took her turn carrying it as she and a small group of Pakeha members of Wesley Wellington Church made their way to the steps of Parliament last month. There, they added their voices to the 15,000 strong protest against the Seabed and Foreshore Bill.
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Will we allow love or terror to rule our world?
By Colin Gibson
Terrorism is to compel another human being through fear to do what you want them to do. Terrorism fills our daily news. It preoccupies governments desperate to protect their citizens. It haunts the lives of millions of people.
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PNG Highlands welcome new Bible, hope for peace
Former missionaries to the southern highlands of Papua New Guinea Revs Fred and Marcia Baker returned to the region in April to take part in the launch of the first Mendi language version of the New Testament.
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The path to critical faith
By Christine Nielsen-Craig
Dr Alan Jamieson champions the spiritual grapplers of the world. Those who have more questions than answers about faith and seek the same from religious leaders will find solace in his latest book, Called Again.
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