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Brothers at ease on top the charts

By Tracey Anderson

Over the past year the R&B group Adeaze, made up of brothers Nainz and Viiz Tupa'i, has worked its way to the top of the New Zealand charts twice with the singles ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ and ‘Getting Stronger’.

Currently, Adeaze is focused on touring and promoting their repackaged album that will be released this month. The repackaged album features remixes of their singles plus five newly recorded Christmas carols, one of which is an original song by Adeaze.

The Adeaze brothers say they have been singing and performing in church and Sunday school since they were as young as four years old and they are resolute in the idea that the gifts they are receiving now are testimony to their faith in god.

“Me and my bro know exactly where our gifts have come from, it is from our faith in god,” says Viiz. “Most of the gifts we are receiving now are from our parents’ faith in god. Their strength and faith has been passed to us, and we are receiving the gifts from god because of their deep faith as well as our own.”

Viiz and Nainz’s family has Methodist roots, and their performances have always been positively received by their community. Viiz explains they were encouraged by their mother to play at retirement homes before they were well-known.

“While it was not the most glamorous gig or the best paid, these performances meant a lot to us. They solidified a connection we have with the community and our faith.

“We used to have more time to play for fundraisers and youth rallies back then. We have had to stop booking extra gigs now, because we don’t want to double book on the nights we play. But before we blew up, youth rallies and church performances were what we were into.”

To pursue a music career and gain a formal music education Nainz and Viiz attended Excel School of Performing Arts in Auckland. There they found a support network that connected them not only to like-minded musicians but also to other Christian people, allowing them to develop music and faith simultaneously.

Viiz explains, “It was a big turning point for us. We thought we were going there to learn heaps about music but it was more about life. We met and became good friends with a lot of people.”

The successes of Adeaze are also a reflection of the support they have received from Brother D of the recording company Dawn Raid Entertainment. Brother D recognised their talent and uniqueness early on and developed their sound to be successful in a commercial market.

The successes that the brothers have had over the past year have boosted them into the national music industry. They are now exploring new ways to combine their profile as successful musicians with their active participation in their community.

Brother D introduced Adeaze to the people from Tear Fund, who were looking for new advocates to travel internationally and communicate the message of hope to people who are in need. At this stage the brothers from Adeaze are excited about the prospects of this new opportunity and are looking forward to helping Tear Fund in their cause.

Nainz and Viiz’s older brother Larry Tupa’i Samuel is a probationary presbyter at St Luke’s Methodist Church in Northcote. He says before they were born his mother asked god for children who would go into the ministry or music. Now that she has both, she considers herself complete.