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August 2004

Civil union divides opinion
By Joanna Davis
Heterosexual couples could learn from the loving, committed relationships of their same-sex peers, says Methodist president Rev Dr Lynne Frith, speaking in support of the Civil Union Bill currently before Parliament.
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Christian pacifists challenged morality of war
By Christine Nielsen-Craig
CPS was founded in 1936 by Wellington Methodist minister Rev Ormond Burton and his circuit steward AC Barrington. Membership in the non-denominational peace group was open only to adult communicant members of mainstream churches. This restriction sparked a controversy that...
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President attends Tongan Conference
President Lynne Frith recently attended the Annual Conference of the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga, held at Neiafu on the island of Vava’u. She was accompanied by Superintendent of Vahefonua Tonga o Aotearoa Rev ‘Epeli Taungapeau...
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Pacific churches promote healthy hearts
By Julia Stuart
If you go to a Pacific Islands church feast in some parts of Auckland these days, you may be surprised by what you are offered.
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Northland mission eyes big picture to grow the grass roots
The view from the office of Northland Urban Rural Mission (NURM) is a constant reminder of the contentious issues the organization deals with. The panorama includes the peak that stands above Whangarei, known locally as Parahaki.
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Garden honours Waikanae stalwarts
In June a large crowd braved a blustery Kapiti Coast day to gather around the Kapiti Uniting Parish Waikanae Church frontage for the dedication ceremony of the newly completed Sellens Memorial Garden.
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