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October 2003

Kereru flies with dove of peace
By Joanna Davis

Kere the Kereru is flying the length of the country bringing a message of peace. Kere – a native wood pigeon – is helping to communicate to children the principles of the Decade to Overcome Violence
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Fundamentalists threaten secular society
By Elaine Bolitho

Religious fundamentalism is a powerful force that threatens peace and harmony within nations and globally. Professor Lloyd Geering made this observation in a recent series of lectures at St Andrews on the Terrace Church in Wellington.
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Carving embodies Pacific’s spiritual world
By Paul Titus
Under a large white tent at Te Puea Marae in Mangere a multi-cultural group of carvers is at work shaping the massive trunks of several kauri trees to tell the story of the Maori view of creation and the migrations of Pacific peoples.
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Churches urge calm in seabed debate
By Paul Titus

Church people are concerned at the fast pace the government is taking to establish principles of ownership and customary rights of access to the seabed and foreshore. They also worry the issue has the potential to inflame divisive racial attitudes among New Zealanders.
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Youth snowboard toward mission
By Joanna Davis

The snow was thin on the ground at Mt Hutt this winter. But for 50 young people from around the world who came to the South Island to do a Christian snowboarding course, the season has been “fantastic”.
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