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November 2003

Ecumenism in NZ
Birds of a feather seek new flight path
New Zealand churches are to find a new way to organise their ecumenical life. Delegates to the September annual forum of the Conference of Churches of Aotearoa New Zealand (CCANZ) decided that it is no longer the appropriate body for the country’s ecumenical movement.
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Drug-ARM brings God to the street
While most of us are tucked up snugly in bed for the night, the volunteers at Drug-ARM are reaching out to people on the streets.
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Parliament Interfaith forum takes over Parliament
For two days last month Parliament’s legislative chamber was transformed from a place where political parties bicker and vie for attention to one where members of New Zealand’s diverse faiths sought harmony and common ground.
Organisers say the country’s first national Interfaith Forum was a success .....
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Tolerance can overcome terrorism – Jim Veitch
Rev Dr Jim Veitch advocates a lot more tolerance if we want to avoid the violent terrorism we saw in Bali a year ago.
Terrorism such as the Bali bombings is a response to what some Muslims see as “aggressive Westernization”, Jim believes.
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Students milk Taranaki dairy farms
A higher price for milk fat is not only good news for New Zealand dairy farmers. It also means more opportunities for students to receive financial support from the Robert Gibson Methodist Trust.
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Smacking ban strikes controversial note
The government’s announcement that it intends to change the law regarding corporal punishment against children has renewed public discussion of the rights of children and parents. As in society as a whole, opinion within the Church varies on the issue.
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