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May 2003

Blenheim ministries teach values, share memories
The two congregations in the Blenheim Methodist parish have ministries that focus on opposite ends of the life span.
John's Patch Story Room is an initiative of Wesley Church that seeks to use the ancient art of story telling.
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Euthanasia Debate: Are we playing God?
By Paul Titus
The issue of euthanasia is once again in the public eye.
Introduction of the Death with Dignity Bill to Parliament and the New Zealand visit of Australian assisted suicide campaigner Dr Philip Nitschke have put the spotlight on the issue.
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Nelson Methodist drive social research programme
By Paul Titus
A research and action programme is the latest endeavour of Nelson's Methodist Social Action.
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Not just Sunday churches
When the Nelson-Marlborough-West Coast District held its school of theology at Bridge Water camp near Brightwater in March it's theme was 'Connections'.
As District Superintendent Rev Jessie Kerr says, "We are not just Sunday churches, but churches alive in the community."
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Trade Talk
For anyone who has observed what is happening in the world economically, especially in the area of trade, it is clear that the poorest and most vulnerable people are being pushed further over the edge by the domination of largest transnational corporations," said CWS Campaign's Coordinator, Gillian Southey. "That is why Christian World Service believes it is time to Talk Trade."
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