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December 2003

Methodists move toward gay ordination
In an effort to protect unity and difference, the 2003 Conference of the Methodist Church of New Zealand affirmed a decision that will enable the ordination of gay and lesbian people. The decision rests upon the creation and acceptance of a memorandum of understanding that acknowledges those individuals and groups within the Church who do not support the ordination of gay and lesbian people. Its intent is to enable people across the spectrum of belief to participate with integrity within the life of the Church. Read more...

Solomons Church faces task of rebuilding
Churches have a critical role to play as the people of the Solomon Islands begin to rebuild their country after years of ethnic conflict. A truth and reconciliation commission, aid to displaced people, and mediation between parties to the conflict are some of the tasks churches are taking on.

Australian president seeks truth at the margins
The president of the Uniting Church in Australia considers himself deeply privileged to have been present at the Methodist Conference during the discussion of ordination of gay and lesbian people. Rev Dr Dean Drayton was inducted as president four months ago. He came to the New Zealand conference in great part to explore the role of Te Taha Maori and how the partnership between Maori and Tauiwi works.

Holding God – the significance of Christmas
Jeremiah saw God holding the life of the nation. Matthew's gospel sees humanity holding the life of God. Mary holding the infant Christ is a radical depiction of what incarnation means. At the heart of Christian faith God pours out the divine life for the life of the world. To place the divine life in our hands, such a God takes risks. Mary models the human response of tender love and nurturing. With Joseph she so shaped the life of Jesus that he would manifest the fullness of the life of God.

New Zealand Hymnbook Trust: Voice in the wilderness becomes home-grown success
A group of no hopers who became best sellers is how founding chairperson the Very Rev John Murray describes the New Zealand Hymnbook Trust. The driving force of the Trust is to publish contemporary Christian hymns and songs by and for New Zealanders. In the last decade it has produced two books of hymns and a book of Christmas carols as well as several recordings of those works.