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December 2002

Jim's Column: The Weight of Religion: Dr Jim Stuart discusses the unrelenting criticism faced by John Wesley throughout his ministry, because of his unorthodox ways. Church leaders said he was distorting Christian truths, engaging in ecclesiastical disobedience and instigating schism. [continued]

Go and do likewise: "At times we have to take risks" says Khushnud Azariah, President Emerita of the World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Women, and first woman ordained in the Church of Pakistan. "Risktaking means giving up privileges, stepping out into unknown frontiers of life, speaking out for justice," she said. [continued]

A new stole is now adorning the President of the Methodist Church of Aotearoa-New ZealandBringing hope to youth culture: The corridor echoes with music and laughter. It's another day at EXCEL School of Performing Arts, with sounds pumping from the dance studio and hallways full of musicians, vocalists, dancers and drama students. The atmosphere is alive, but it's different to your customary enthusiasm that accompanies doing what you love, these students are excited about who they are. [continued]

New stole: A new stole is now adorning the President of the Methodist Church of Aotearoa-New Zealand after more than 100 hours' work by Dunedin embroiderer Jeanette Gibson. [continued]

Evangelicals chalk up positive year: It has been a year of encouragement and challenge for Evangelicals in the Methodist Church. [continued]