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Public Issues and Climate Justice Work Map

Ecumenical Climate Justice. COVID-19 recovery projects and investments should support climate change goals for cutting back on carbon.  We propose 6 areas for for the additional $20b budget  Letter to Prime Minister 

Covid-19 Recovery Fast Tack Consenting bill - Submission to address Climate Change and Pacific Peoples

Climate Justice proposals for the post COVID-19 Recovery - Letter to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Climate Change Workshop
13 March 2020  Auckland


Report - See Resources. The graph below depicts the complex multidimensional aspects of climate change. The focus of workshop was on identifying how to plan to lower emissions for the  church as an organization - the red part in the middle of the diagram. This will contribute to preparation for policy. 

Resources: Climate Justice strategy Conference 2018, and backgrounder 


To bring together Leaders of the church to develop a shared approach to climate justice which will include policy and practical responses. Practical actions may be   for the Connexion as a whole, and for committees, parishes, social services, education, administration and for any church entity. We will seek initiatives as examples, or case studies to inspire further action over time. 


A shared understanding of climate justice for the church, with priorities for action identified. 

Leaders invited to identify pathways for achieving contributions to climate justice, including participating in base-line measuring as a first step in gatheringinformation on our emissions profile.                                           
Climate Change Workshop group, Franciscan Friary, 13 March 2020

2020 Climate Justice Calendar - Order Form 

Calendars may be purchased at $20 each.  Bulk orders for 10 or more cost $15 each.    A contribution from sales will be made for solar panels in Methodist Solomon Islands project, through Mission and Ecumenical. 


Email or


Calendars are available in English, Samoan, Tongan, Fijian. 
See Order Form for further information. 

Minister James Shaw celebrating the Zero Carbon Act with Generation Zero:

David Tong, James Young-Drew James Shaw and Lisa McLaren

Methodist Alliance Forum Nov 2019

Forum discussions led by Makerita Makapelu and Kena Duigan, Wesley Community Action


WCC Governance and Economy of Life course, Jakarta, Indonesia August 2019

See Resources for review of GEM by Betsan Martin

Photos of GEM participants, discussion group on global governance and finance with resource person Marie-Aimeé Tourres.


Course leaders Athena Peralta, Isabel Phira (WCC) Peter Cruchley (CWM). Visit to a community living on railway tracks

Climate Change (Zero Carbon) Amendment 2019 bill 

The bill gives a framework for implementing a Commission, setting budgets and targets, and for 20150 goals for long lived gases and methane and nitrogen. Adaptation is included but with no clarity on implementation except to propose it is through the Commission. The Treaty of Waitangi is included in amendments with reference to taking account of Maori and iwi. It does not offer a specific structure for a Treaty framework, not specific outcomes for Maori.

Effects on Maori, working people, regions needed a commitment to climate transitions accountabilities across all sectors. We needed workforce development and diversification strategy.  It needs plans for Just Transitions.

Before going through more detail, the commitment to reducing methane by 10% by 2030 is too weak. A stronger ambition is needed to start the turn around on emissions. See 'Resources for further comment. Submission on the bill for your reference, comments and use. 


Soup, science and Submissions - at Wesley Taranaki St, Wellington

Just Transitions - Taranaki - some images



Kate Raworth and Chlöe Swarbrick - book launch Doughnut economics for 21st Century economics. Kate Warworth explaining regenerative circular economy


Christchurch: Mourning for Deaths and Violence. Kindness and Solidarity for Muslim communities 

 'Mourning'. Statement by President Setaita Taumoepeau K. Veikune

  A prayer 'Christchurch Shootings' by Helen Bichen, Tawa Union Parish


Wellington people gather at the Islamic Centre with offerings.                                                   



Lent Reflections

   Revd. Siosifa Pole Whose Footprints to Follow  Ash Wednesday. Isaiah 58 ; Luke 4

   George Zachariah  Lent: A Call to System Change; Not Climate Change. Deut. 26; Luke 4:1-13

   Revd. Paulo Ieli  Matafaioi (responsibility) and Maluapapa (sheltering rock)

Is 55: 1-9; Luke 13, 1-9

   Revd. Mark Gibson: The Essential Desert Deut 26: 1-11. Luke 4: 1-13. Prodigal Species  Lent 4. Luke 15: 11-34 

   Revd. Greg Hughson - Ecological Repentance 

   Revd. Andrew Doubleday - Making Room for Jackals and Ostriches


Wai-tangi - the call of water. See 'Resources' for Wai-tangi - Whanganui River as a legal person.     

Waitangi, by JoAnna Mere, Exhibition Tutere Gallery,Waikanae. Jan 2019

Public Issues Oversight Group Dec 2018

Public Issues Oversight Group Meeting Dec 2018.  Marion Hines, Elisapesi Havea, Prince Devandan, Nicola Grundy, Betsan Martin, Soana Muimuiheata, Mataiva Robertson, Asaeli Tulangi, Peter Lane. (David Bush present remotely). (Apologies Joeli Ducivaki, Viv Whimster, President Setaita) 

Children in State Care

. A grim Story

Climate Justice for the church - guidelines on our vision and what we will do together

Climate Justice:
'Our church's faith based values are unique. Our approach to climate justice then comes from love as well as just moral obligation

Climate justice ensures that those with fewer resources are not further disadvantaged by changes in living costs, energy costs and jobs, and able to participate in and benefit from changes to a zero carbon economy.'

'#Me Too: Troubling Sexual Abuse in Scriptures

Trinity College Principal Revd. Dr Nasili Vaka'uta fronted up to sexual violence in society, in the church and in scriptures at Conference 2018.
#Me Too is a global movement of solidarity against sexual violence - which has a profile in Pacific nations and in Aotearoa New Zealand. For example in Tonga: 
 - 68% of Tongan women and girls are affected by physical violence perpetrated by mainly their fathers or teachers 

In Aotearoa New Zealand
 - Up to 1 in 5 women will experience sexual assault as an adult. 
 - For Maori girls and women, the likelihood of sexual violence is nearly twice as high as the general population. 

Patriarchal narratives are embedded in many familiar Scriptures - where blame is placed on women to cover up sexual violence. Hagar and Lot's daughters both need to be re-read for these distorting narratives. 

Revd. Nasili's presentation was one of the three from Trinity theologians.  Dr Emily Colgan and Revd Dr Jione Havea who presented on supremacist narratives with re-reading with women's perspectives and Pacific theological re-visioning beyond theological orthodoxy. 

Conference 2018

President Setaita, Revd. Dr Arapera Ngaha


 Earth Theology with Emily Colgan  - See resources box for her     presentation and John Thornley's reflection on earth-theology.                                                           

Wellbeing - Public Issues Review and Questions as multiple ministries design and invite us to 'have our say' on intergenerational wellbeing  

Public Issues at Select Committee on Child Poverty Reduction

For the Public issues presentation on the Child Poverty Reduction Bill at Select Committee , Betsan was joined by Rev. Professor Nokise, to bring a particular focus Pacific families. See Notes of Nokise  and outline of the issues raised in the Public Issues  presentation

The main purpose of the Child Poverty Reduction Bill is for the government to set Measures and Targets for reducing poverty. Public Iss

ues proposed using the main measure of 60% of the median income is $49,900; and 60% of that is $29,000.  The Living Wage is  $54,000.P

Revd. Nokise spoke of Pacific New Zealanders and their particular identity and  contributions to  NZ..  We ask 'What are indicators of wellbeing for Pacific people?

·         We mentioned Income to enable generosity,   Recognition of dedication to   community and church

N               Needing attention: Incomes, Housing, Family Violence and Suicide 

               We supported a cross party agreement for child poverty to make sure that reducing poverty is not undone by changes in government. National Party wants a more targeted, social investment approach which is possible within a wellbeing focus .     


New  Creation - Faith and Finance, Property and People

The Methodist Church's consultation on climate guidelines for the church is under way with parish groups, MTA, Prope

rty Committees. and Synods. Summary and Backgrounder - in preparation for Conference.   See 'Resources' for the Summary and Backgrounder.    

PublicIssues Climate Conversations  copy 2.pdf                       


'We Don't Want to Lose Our Roots' - Dwelling on Pacific Climate Migration
   Rt. Hon PM Ardern and MP Robertson Reporting on first 100 days. St Peters Willis st Wellington. 

A New Government - Labour-Led Coalition with NZ First, and with Greens supporting Confidence and Supply. 
What Are we celebrating? Key policies on Public Issues

Voting is Good! Vote for Good! A PDF with 6 slides 

Public Issues information on Four Topics. Warm, Dry, Secure Housing; Wellbeing for Children and Families; Clean Water and Climate Justice & Income Equality

Spirtuality and New Technology - Genes to control Invasive Species? 

COP23 - Keeping Oceans in view                  



Churches  and Church Leaders Speak Together on Climate Action. 5 June 2017

President Prince and Tumuaki Diana (Methodist), Archbishop Winston Halapua (Polynesia), Archbishop Philip, Bishop Kito, Bishop Justin, (Anglican); Cardinal John (Catholic), Moderator Richard Dawson (Presbyterian) gave commentary for our Media release.  

Greenpeace unfurls banner above Parliament 6 June 2017                                                              Questions to Hon Steven Joyce at NZCCSS Budget Breakfast 29 May 2017. 

NZ Budget

For the 500th Anniversary of Luther and the Reformation, there has been a dialogue for reconciliation between the Lutheran and Catholic churches. President Prince attended the liturgical celebration at the Catholic Cathedral, Wellington on 4th June.  

Climate Conversations - click to download the PDF

Alternatively contact Betsan Martin for a hard copy 


            Fresh ideas for theology, worship and practical activities come from contributors to this resource. Elisapesi Havea brings a feature on the Pacific,using 'Fatongia', responsibility, as an ethical value

Joining with others is important and our Christian values bring a special quality to working with groups in our communities.            

We would like to hear your ideas for the church and climate action - please share points from your discussions with Public Issues. 


Walk for the Planet - Seven Rivers Seven Walks for Lent - Canterbur

State of the Nation 'Off the Track' - Salvation Army 8 February 2017



Climate for Churches video presentations with Professor James Renwick, Climate Scientist; Dr Adrian Macey, Climate Policy; Koreti Tiumalu, Pacific 350.Org; Su'a William Sio MP Mangere; panel discussion led by Rod Oram, Business journalist. 

Living Wage Carols for Wellington City Council    

Rev. Motokiai leads Prayers at Living Wage Christmas gathering


See Resources page for research and presentation notes on Sustainable Development Goals

New circulation - summaries of valuable articles and issues which are too long to read! Frances Palmer, and Arthur Palmer contribute to Public Issues Network with these accessible items. Frances has a special interest in Climate, and matters of Peace.  

US Election (which I have avoided writing about!) - by Arthur Palmer

'Atheist Minister - new God-talk' by Arthur Palmer 

'Cross of the Moment' Documentary  80 minutes  - Intro by Frances Palmer

             "If the earth is rare, why are we trashing it?"  

             "The impact of our individual actions is negligible. What counts is our actions as citizens to change how structures operate "...' 

Comparing Climate Policies by Frances Palmer Comparing Climate Policies by Frances Palmer 


Training opportunity
13 February 2017.  Treaty Voyages. How is Your Organization (sea)faring? Also, 
 Nga Rerenga o Te Tiriti - a resource for organizations.  Email:


Laudato Si: Cardinal John Dew interviewed by the Revd. Prince Devanandan


Local Government - vote for action on the ground - See 'Resources' for questions on a Compassionate City, Families and children, Climate: energy, transport, forests, waste, housing

Climate: Review of Church's Workshop BM SP  25.8.16.pdf

Kava Theology - Revd. Goll Manukia 25 Sept 2016

Takapuna Repair Cafe August 2016

family socializing  with practical help – a café where children and families bring their broken things and get them fixed.

 Organized by Community Developments worker Stephen McLuckie and Dale Kelly of Takapuna Parish.

The full story tells of the organizing behind the scenes to make this a community venture

Photos by Yvonne Powle


Dame Anne Salmond steps into the state of Freshwater standards in NZ and the water crisis in the Hawkes Bay. This article published in the NZ Herald raises questions around the current state of fresh water in New Zealand:

Collaborative Processes that will lead to clean Freshwater and Biodiversity mean all-party political  engagement and commitment to the full package of recommendations -  cherry picking means poor environmental outcomes :


   Climate for Churches:

       Kava Theology - Devotion by Revd. Goll Manukai, Lotofafale'ia

        'Climate - Is there a Place for the Church?' Review of the Workshop




Hon Su'a Willian Sio, MP 'If We Save Tuvalu We Save the World'    Panel: Su'a William Sio, Koreti Tiamalu Pacific 350.Org, Dr Adrian Macey, Revd. Prince Devanandan, Rev Fusi, Betsan Martin 



Tumuaki Revd. Diana Tana at Koroneihna, 10th Anniversary worship of Kingi Tuheitea, introducing the premier choral presentation of the Tongan Choir With President Tovia, Former President Rex Nathan, Superintendent Revd. Tevita Finau, President-elect Prince Devanandan 




                                               PUBLIC ISSUES RESOURCES

An ecumenical Climate workshop hosted by Sinoti Samoa and Public Issues of the Methodist Church,and Anglican Diocesan Climate Action, 20th August, in Auckland. 

An ecumenical climate justice workshop hosted by Sinoti Samoa, Public Issues of the Methodist Church for church people. Theology, Science, Youth, and policy will contribute to enabling climate justice responses. A video presentation on Laudato Si will be prepared by Cardinal John Dew and included, as Cardinal Dew will be travelling. The 350 Degrees Pacific Climate Warriors with bring inspiration on climate for youth. 

Christian Conference of Asia - Meeting on Climate Change


With Pope Francis encyclical Laudato Si as the Centrepiece, theology, science, ethics were all topics for our discussions on earth, our sister, Pope Francis' term of endearment.  Global interdependence underscores the widely held appreciation that we share one planet earth, our common home

The aspirational quality of Laudato Si has include regard for  major imbalances, destruction and that for many people  earth is a place of alienation and dislocation from home. Special issues for Asia highlight the more serious challenges for developing countries because developed countries have become post-industrial and outsourced manufacturing and industrial  production to developing countries in favour of service based economies which are lower in carbon emissions and therefore more amendable to mitigation measures.

                                                                                                                                President Elect Prince, Tumuaki Diana, Public Issues, Betsan, CCA Intern Casey Fa'aui.

Father George Zachariah presented a fine paper 'Colonization of the Commons

refers to Hagar and Ishmael as an ancient story of exile and estrangement from home in a way that evokes the millions of people displaced by war and climate induced drought that are seeking refuge in lands where they are estranged from their homes – and facing the hostility of unwelcoming host countries. There is theme of colonization  Yet, this is partly because of internal estrangements of poverty, drought, and lack of work.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Prince and Fr George Zachariah


Budget 2016
Public Issues Comment                                           P

Refugees in Our Communities. A Resource for Host Communities.April 2016

Resource Legislation Submission draft March 2016 - Legislation to amend the Resource Management Act and other associated Acts.  This submission emphasises ecological sustainability, stewardship, and public good interests for land, resources, water and development. 


Notes on Dialogue for Christian Unity. Wellington March 2016. 

Courtesy Elaine Bolitho          

Low Carbon Building Guide!

Residential Tenancies act - Public Issues Submission February 2016



Colleen Geyer, General Secretary, Uniting Church Australia, speaking at the Public Issues session, Conference 2016.


Public Issues Election Update Sept14 Major and Minor Parties on Poverty/Inequality, Children, Housing, Climate, Water

PIN and MTA Methodist Church Report to Conference on Climate and Low Carbon                    

Click on Resources for Church and Climate Change Resources, including WCC Reports and proposals for 'Green Church'            


Small Island Developing States Conference - Impressions by Betsan Martin



It Takes a Child to Raise a Country Tick 4 Kids Toolkit

Poster for Parishes

            Budget 2014 - Social 'crumbs' added to the Business Growth and Minimal  Government Agenda         

                   CPAG Budget breakfast with Alan Johnson, Suzanne Snively, and guests. Infographic

Resources on Climate Change and Low Carbon Economy:

  * Collation of all resources on Climate and Low carbon: 'Pulling Back on Polluting Creation'                                                              

                     Wise Response Petition to Parliament for a risk assessment for New Zealand

                Alan Mark, Scientist, speaking at Parliament, and supporters, including PIN Co-ordinator, Betsan with banners
                      Gen Zero and the wheel of fortune - climate risks and opportunities for new directions 

Refugees and Migrants 'Roundtable' Jan.2014

 Water Decisions December 2013 - February 2014

See  Submission box for PIN submission and Resources box for a briefing


Parish Resources launched at Conference 2013:

Solutions to Child Poverty: Income, Health, Housing.

  Inequality - a PIN Review

 Inequality: a NZ Crisis $39.95


TPPA Updates


Environment, CID

The school field
Epuni families producing food and learning about land management. Click for a story on Solutions to Child Poverty

PIN Welfare Reform
brief update

Living Wage 

A Season for Fair Wages, a Time for a Living Wage

 A Living Wage in New Zealand is $18.40 per hour. This dollar amount is intended to be enough for people to pay rent, buy food, run a car, have a computer, pay for insurance, for children to go on school trips and have a birthday party, to pay for childcare, make 2% contributions to KiwiSaver and eat out once per month.  In other words, $18.50 is enough to support social participation.

Great! We have a benchmark based on a two parent and two child household. Many questions follow. What about larger families and whanau, aiga, fanau commitments? Why should employers pay a Living Wage? Does it make business sense? Which businesses will pay it? What about beneficiaries? 
How does Te Hahi Weteriana respond as an employer? The UK Methodist Church has a process to implement a Living Wage. 
Read More....     See article on NZ Living Wage by Prince Devandanden in Newsletter box. 

Revs. Lynn Frith, Bishop Jim White and 
Margaret Mayman at Living Wage Launch, Auckland
 Rev. Uesifili Unasa as MC of the 
 Living Wage Launch in Auckland


Food in Schools 


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