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Sowing the Seed in Pioneer New Zealand by Gabriel Elliott - Wesley Historical Society

The Story of Frederick Miller of Wakatumutumu on the banks of the Mokau


Centennial Memorial to Rev. Frederick Miller

The Rev. John Hobbs

Maori Mission Wakatumutumu

Rev. George Buttle

Kopua Mission Churchyard

The Great Reception when Maori grandchildren meet Missionary's grandchildren

Site Held in Trust since 1897

"The Cannibal Islands"

The Horror and Disaster of War


Sowing the Seed



This brochure is published to place on record the noble work effected by one of the least known amongst our early mission-aries to the aboriginal Maoris of New Zealand. In view of the complete isolation of his lonely Mission Station, situated as it was in the interior of the North Island, lacking in communi-cation with the outside world and occupied by a wild, ferocious people whose minds were as dark as their skin, the lack of recorded information on the short lifework of this godly man is quite understandable. In the following pages the epic story, gathered from authentic documentary evidence and journals of contemporary missionaries, together with knowledge acquired during sixty years of close friend-ship with the leading Ngati Maniapoto chiefs and four generations of the Maori converts of Frederick Miller of Wakatumutumu, is now placed on record.

July 31st, 1959.