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Nelson Methodist Centenary 1842-1942


This illustrated brochure is issued in connection with the Centennial of Nelson Methodism, and is dedicated to those brave Methodist pioneers, who arrived in the first immigrant ships, and played no small part in the founding of the settlement, and in helping to shape the moral and religious life of the City 100 years ago.

Unfortunately, the serious aspect of the present war, involving restriction in travel, and other unavoidable disabilities, has compelled the cancellation of a worthy Centennial programme.

Celebrations have had to be confined to special Sunday Services fixed for March 1st, 1942, which marks the 100th Anniversary of the first Service to be conducted in Nelson, by Edward Green, a Methodist Local Preacher.

The story of the witness and contribution of the Methodist Church down the Century reveals the strength and devotion of early settlers who laid the foundations, and their successors who build thereon.

To the Methodist pioneers, of sacred memory, we dedicate this brochure, and express our gratitude to the Rev. M. A. Rugby Pratt, F.R.Hist.S., for such a valuable and historic record.

"Great deeds cannot die,
They with the sun and moon,
Renew their light for ever,
Blessing those who look on them."

To Mr. Samuel Gorman, we express grateful appreciation for financing this publication.

W.M. ROWE. Methodist Parsonage, Nelson, 1/8/1942.