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Journal 1997 - Wesley Historical Society

Journal 1997


9 The Evangelical/Charismatic Aspect of Methodism in NZ
by Rev. Bill Clifford


13 The Methodist Revival Fellowship.
1 New Zealand Beginnings
2 Aims and Activities
3 Significant People
4 Winds of Change

19 Relationship with the Connexion

22 The Aldersgate Fellowship
1 The Choice of a name
2 The Task Before It
3 National Aims
4 Regional Developments
5 Partnership
6 A Full Gospel

End Notes

35 Aldersgatc/Affirm in the 1990s
by Rev. George Bryant
43 Biographies of Four Leaders by Rev. George Bryant
Rev. Owen Woodfield
Rev. Frank Rigg
Rev. Edgar Hornblow
Brvan White
53 How Effective ... ?
by Rev. George Bryant
57 Book Review
Centenary of Dominion Road Church 1897-1997
by Ivan Whyle
61 Obituary
Thomas George Melville Spooner
62 Information about Books
Evangelical Christianity in Australia, Spirit, Word and World
by S. Piggin
Australian Dictionary of Evangelical Biography
by B. Dickey B
Bible and Society by Peter Lineham
The Lords Dominion, The History of Canadian Methodism
by Neil Semple
63 Gleanings by Vema Mossong
Excerpt from Fifty Years of Methodism in New Zealand
Excerpt from Rev. William Woon to the General
Secretaries, 1840


The Wesley Historical Society Committee has for some time regarded the main topic in this 1997 Journal as an urgent priority.

The evangelical/charismatic fraternity in the Methodist Church of New Zealand has given a disappointingly small amount of attention to the keeping of records, hence the Society saw it as a duty to record the story of the M.R.F. in New Zealand, Aldersgate Fellowship and AFFIRM while those instrumental in their establishment are still livimg.

A good deal of information has come from recollections of some of the participants rather than from documents.

The articles were written by Bill Clifford and George Bryant.

Graham Brazendale has greatly facilitated the preparation of material for publication and others have provided photographs and information. Additional articles include a book review by Richard Waugh and an obituary by Verna Mossong.

I am indebted to all who have contributed to the contents of the 1997 Journal. Many thanks! Bernie Le Heron August 1997.

Bernie Le Heron