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Journal 1994 - Wesley Historical Society

Journal 1994


1 The Annual W.H.S. Lecture
by Dr Dame P.M. Guthardt
15 The Wesley Trail
by BemiceLe Heron
Morley House Treasures
19 The Bust of John Wesley
20 Loving Cups
21 John Wesley's Candle Sticks
23 Book Review
The Maori Biographies from the Dictionary of New
Zealand Biography.
25 Centenary Conference of the World Methodist Historical
Society by Rev. D. Burt
29 Call Me Ruth - Rev. F. Glen
36 A Letter From Auckland To London
39 Female Enfranchisement
43 A. Lois White - an Appreciation
by Murray Gittos
Portraits of Women
46 Jennie Lowell-Smith
48 Makereta Grace Sotutu by Susana Tuisawau
51 The Dictionary of New Zealand Biography
Methodist Women's Portraits
54 Susannah Napier-Her Story
57 Rachael Ngeu Ngeu Zister
58 Mary Jane Marks
59 Helen Jane Patricia ( Pat) Evision
61 Phyllis Myra Guthardt
63 A Letter From Jane
69 A Novel With A Purpose
70 Women As Sacramental Stewards
71 Mrs Margaret Pacey
72 A Good Preacher
73 Jane Woon - Her Life
74 How We Won The Franchise In New Zealand


This edition of the Journal is being published much later than originally intended. It had been hoped that it would have appeared in 1993, Woman's Suffrage Year, but circumstances 'beyond our control* to use the time honoured phrase prevented us from doing this.

Sister Rita Snowden once wrote in an introduction to a brochure - "I had to consult an optician lately and he said to me a striking thing Tt is a good idea to look back over the shoulder'. This is what we are doing, not for the sake of our eyes, but for the sake of our spirits". This is what our Chairperson, Verna Massong has done as she has diligently gathered from many sources articles of interest concerning women who have made a valuable contribution to Church and Society. For this task, undertaken with enthusiasm, the Society is extremely grateful. Many portraits are included in this issue of the Journal under the heading 'Portraits of Women'. They are representative of their generations, and their backgrounds and experiences cover a wide field. While Suffrage Year may be past, the occasion for honouring these women never passes. We are grateful to those who planned Women's Suffrage Year celebrations for permission to use their logo in our publication.

Please remember that 1995 is not far away. Its not too soon to think about next years Journal. Your ideas and scripts will be most welcome.

Since the last Journal was published the Society has suffered the loss of its able and devoted chairperson and writer, Wesley Chambers. To honour his memory the Society intends to publish, as soon as possible, a commemorative booklet containing some of Wesley's later writings and thinking. If any members have any writings such as letters or comments or words of appreciation they feel might be appropriate would they please send them to the Editor.

W.J. Morrison