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A Biography of John A. Luxford

John A. Luxford


I Early Days - Parihaka 
II Armed Forces Chaplaincy 
III The Boer War 
IV "John Luxford Goes" 
V War 
Acknowledgements and Thanks 

In peace and in war there have always been Methodist ministers for whom the chaplaincy service has provided a challenging field of ministry, and who have tried to bring the support and solace of the Christian gospel to those serving in the armed forces.

While maintaining its abhorrence of war as being inconsistent with the mind and will of God, the Methodist Church has not failed to recognise that men and women in the armed services have a claim upon its ministry, and the church has made chaplains available for this service as required.

Though in many ways an exceptional man with a unique ministry as a chaplain, Padre Luxford may be taken as typical of Methodist chaplains of other generations than his own, who have accepted service as military chaplains in the discharge of the mission of the church.

We of a later generation are proud to salute Padre Luxford as "one of us"; and we are grateful that Frank G. Glen (Chaplain Class IV) has undertaken the task of recording something of Padre Luxford's life and ministry.

R. F. Clement, Senior Chaplain,
Methodist Church of N.Z.