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John H. White and the Coast Mission - The Story of a Pioneer Missionary

John H White and the Coast Mission
by H.R.Wright


The Coming of the Home Missionary 
The Need 
The Man 
Breaking in the ground 
Establishing the Churches 
Confirming the Churches 
The Rolling Years 

The Rev. H. R. Wright has done a fine service in recording this brief sketch of the life and service of one of our honoured Home Missionaries. Mr. Wright knows the work from inside, and this booklet is itself a very good statement of the place and function of a Home Missionary written by a man who has himself filled the office with credit.

It was my privilege as a youth to have known the Rev. J. H. White in his later years in Wellington - a little man with shining eyes and snowy patriarchal beard and sprightly step, and a great lever of his Lord. Young and old followed him with sincere affection and respect, and his ministry was a benediction. I welcome the publication of this all-too-short record.

General Superintendent,
Methodist Home Mission Department.