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From Grafton to Three Kings to Paerata


The N.Z. Wesleyan Native Education Trust 1844 - 1911
1. The FitzRoy Endowments
2. The Gray Endowments 1850 - 1854
3. Early Days at Three Kings 1848 - 1869
4. Wesley College Three Kings 1876 - 1922
Wesley College Paerata
5. The Difficult Years 1922 - 1944
6. The College opens its Second Century 1944- 1964
7. Development - Frustration - Integration 1965 - 1981
Appendix: Membership of College Boards and Senior Staff


July 1982

I feel deeply honoured that I should be asked to write a foreword to this up to date history of Wesley College written by the Rev. E. W. Hames commemorating 60 years since the College moved to its present site at Paerata. No one could be more qualified to write such a record than Mr Hames.

As I study the records of the past, I wonder how ever the College and the Trust survived the first 70 years of existence with its numerous set backs, both financial and through social changes during that period.

Now having retired as a member of the Trust Board, I feel that I can place on record this tribute to the Boards that throughout the last 138 years have contributed so much to the guidance and advancement of the College and all it stands for.

These stalwarts, both past and present, laboured with devotion, loyalty and faith for the work in which they believed, voluntarily and without reward and it is with satisfaction that we are able to record the progress of the Trust and the fine record of the College in the values of leader-ship, for which the Trust was originally formed.

My memory goes back to the years 1915-16 when I used to walk with my father from Mt Albert to Three Kings to Prize Givings and other functions when the Rev. J. H. Simmonds was principal. I remember it was a long and weary walk home to Mt Albert, with my boots slung over my shoulder.

J. Stuart Caughey