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Ever Widening Circles - Wesley Historical Society


Area Map
Map of Western Solomons/Bougainville-Buka
The Ripples of Evangelism
John Veo Bitibule
Scotter and Mary Bo
Francis Bongbong
Hazel Boseto
Leslie Boseto
Daniel Bula
Edwin Daga
Stephen & Mulu Gadepeta
Belshazzar Gina
Paula Havea
Dora Rande Moata
Semisi Nau
David Pausu
John Pirah
Iula (Ula) Qilanoba
Simon and Varosi Rigamu
Nathan Sipisong
Lester & Maybent Sogabule
Usaia Sotutu
Stephen Sukina
David Voeta
The Lives of Ordinary Women in the Roviana Area
              in the Early 1900's
Index of names


It is a privilege to edit this collection of stories about leaders in the Solomon Islands and Bougainville/Buka churches. Together the stories speak about the movement of God s Spirit in the hearts and lives of people who changed the history of the Region. They are stories of ordinary people with extraordinary courage and faith; people who continued to love and make peace in the face of opposition and war.

These are only a few of the people who have helped to shape the Methodist/United Church in the area. Selection of the stories which are included in this publication was limited by the access to living memories or archival material. I hope that these stories are new and fresh to readers, using material not previously published or available.

The memorial plaque on Nusa Zonga reminds us that many faithful witnesses from New Zealand, Australia, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, United Kingdom, Canada, Solomons and Papua New Guinea used their gifts to help God's light shine in this land, and have passed the torch on to those who continue God's work.

These are ordinary men and women transformed by the extraordinary love of God. They shared their lives with strangers; some travelled to the Highlands of Papua New Guinea and elsewhere to share the Good News of Jesus the Christ. They passed on their faith to their children and grand-children so that second and third generations in their families continued to tell and live the Gospel Story. This is why we have entitled the booklet Ever Widening Circles. The faith and light of God known to us in Jesus has been passed on by these disciples of Christ to many others, just as a stone in a pond creates ripples of ever widening circles.

In editing these stories I have tried to keep the essential style and content of each contributor. Thanks to the Rev. Phil. Taylor, Convenor of the Com-mittee working on this project. Thanks also to Catherine Dickie who patiently typed the text, and to Ngaire Silvester, Hazel Simpkin and others in the Auckland Methodist Archives who helped locate the illustrations.

May this booklet be a worthy tribute to all those whose faithful Christian witness is commemorated at the Centenary of the Solomon Islands Church.

Alan Leadley February 2002