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A House Not Made With Hands by W.T.Blight - Wesley Historical Society

A History of the Durham Street Methodist Church, Christchurch

A House Not Made With Hands




The Beginnings of Canterbury

The Beginnings of Canterbury Methodism

1853-1854 William Kirk

1854-1859 John Aldred

1859-1866 James Buller

1866-1869 Thomas Buddle

1870 William Kirk

1871-1872 Alfred R. Fithett

1873-1875 James Buller

1876-1878 William Morley

1879-1881 Alexander Reid

1882-1884 Edward Best

1885-1887 John James Lewis

1888-1891 William Morley

1892-1895 Henry R. Dewsbry

1896-1899 David McNicholl

1899-1903 William Baumber

1904-1908 Henry R.Dewsbury

1909-1911 Charles H. Garland

1912-1913 Charles H. Laws

1914-1919 Percy N. Knight

1920-1922 William Ready

1923-1927 William Arthur Hay

1928-1930 William T. Blight

1931-1932 Percy N. Knight

1933-1938 Clarence Eaton

1939-1952 Raymond Dudley

1952-1962 Ashleigh K. Petch

1962 - W. Selwyn Dawson

The Young People

Women's Work

Men's Fellowship

The Deaconesses

The Choir

We Close


In writing this account of the Durham Street, Christchurch, Methodist Church during its hundred years, 1864-1964, I have used freely Dr. Wm. Morley's "History of Methodism in New Zealand"; the Rev. W. J. Williams's "Centenary Sketches of New Zealand Methodism"; the Rev. W. A. Chambers's "Our Yesteryears"; files of the Lyttelton Times and other Christchurch newspapers in the Public Library; the brochures written by the Rev. Dr. C. H. Laws, B.A., on the occasion of the Church's Jubilee and by the Rev. M. A. Rugby Pratt, when the Church celebrated its 80th Anniversary; the relevant Minutes of the Methodist Conferences; the Circuit Schedule Books, and what Minute Books I could secure of various Church Groups. Also Bruce's "The Early Days of Canterbury" and "The Evolution of a City," a thesis by an unnamed writer, now in the Public Library. Had the records been properly kept through the years, and had the books been preserved, my task would have been comparatively simple: but there are gaps when no records were made, and many old Minute Books have been lost: so that the story is not as complete in its detail as one would have wished.

However, as here presented, it is full of inspiration, being a story of vision and courage in building the Church; of devotion and sacrifice on the part of ministers and laymen alike; of the crowds who have worshipped in the old Church or who have passed through its Sunday School and Bible Classes; of evangelistic fervour and of the harvest reaped for Christ; of a salutary influence upon the life of the City and Province; and of a weighty contribution to New Zealand Methodism and to the community!

It has been unavoidable that the names of only a few have been mentioned; but a complete list of officers is not available, and if it were it would be far too long to publish.