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A Family Affair by George C. Carter - Wesley Historical Society

This volume is the fourth of a series of four sponsored by the New Zealand Branch of the Wesley Historical Society, to mark the 150th Anniversary of Methodism in this country. Volume 1 has been written by the Rev. G. I. Laurenson on the work among the Maoris and the Rev. E. W. Hames has prepared Volumes 2 and 3 to cover respectively the colonial period and the modern era subsequent to Methodist Union (1913).

This book is an attempt to show something of the involvement of New Zealand Methodism in the proclamation of the Gospel in lands beyond our shores, and with the churches that have sprung up in those lands through the period under review. It is especially the story of Methodism in the South Pacific. It is told from the point of view of New Zealand and is seen mostly in terms of people. One of the contributions of Methodism to the world church has been its strong sense of being a 'connexion* or family; and that its missionary enterprise has so often been quite literally a 'family affair'. E. W. HAMES,

President, Wesley Historical Society,

N.Z. Branch.

            A Family Affair - Parts I to IV 1822-1922




I New Zealanders Abroad

The First Adventurers

II A Family Affair

Chapter 1 The Day Begins in Tonga

Chapter 2 A King in Israel

Chapter 3 Towards Independence

Chapter 4 Hesitation in Samoa

Chapter 5 Pity Poor Feejee!

III Tension and Expansion

Chapter 1 New World - New Britain

Chapter 2 The Enigma of Papua

Chapter 3 To the Isles of Solomon

IV A Field of Our Own

Chapter 1 Mission Boards and All That

Chapter 2 Finance

Chapter 3 Women's Work for Women

Chapter 4 Some General Secretaries

Appendix I: Copy of a Letter by Mrs Lyth


A Family Affair - Parts V & VI - 1922-1972           


V Towards Partnership

Chapter 1 The Solomons 1922-72

a. Policy

b. Education

c. Health

d. Industrial Training

e. Volunteers

Chapter 2 Ministry in the Solomons

Chapter 3 Foundations of Nationhood (Fiji, Tonga and Samoa)

Chapter 4 New Frontier. The Highlands

Chapter 5 The United Church and the New World

Chapter 6 In Other Fields

VI The Next Half Century


Appendix II: People who link the New Zealand Church with Churches Overseas