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 A Dream to Fulfil


Chapter One - The Site on Which to Build
Chapter Two - The Search for Answers
Chapter Three - Towards a Solution
Chapter Four - Reflections
Chapter Five - Decisions
Chapter Six - An End and a Beginning
Conclusion - Keeping on Dreaming
APPENDIX The Trust Deed


The work which the Rev Bill Morrison has undertaken in writing this history of the Prince Albert College Trust has enabled the Methodist Church to record and understand some of those events which lead to the signing of this lease and enabled a large resource of funds to be available for use both within the Church and the wider Community. In this publication the story associated with this large resource is carefully documented, and serves as a permanent record of what has taken place. As a publication it stands along side those other written records of the Prince Albert College and forms part of the total history that has been written. It is important that we remember that the story of the Prince Albert College Trust did not come to an end when the members of the Trust made this fund available to the Church. Through their action they have opened up for our Church a new and exciting era, which brings with it a challenge. We now have available a significant gift of money which gives our Church the choice about the way it will be used. We could keep it For our own use, or it can be made available to enable the Church to further engage in mission. Whatever way this resource is used it must reflect our Bi-Cultural Journey and the mission priorities of the Church. This Prince Albert College Fund becomes a resource with tremendous opportunity and possibility and it will be the Church of the future who will reflect on how well we have used this gift.

Stan J West General Secretary Methodist Church of New Zealand
May 1990.