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Waitara Methodist Church 100th 1875-1975

In an age that is rapidly changing one may ask if it is relevant to observe a Centenary. Yet in looking back we find that the problems our forefathers faced with resolve and faith are not that different from those we face today. As they planned sometimes better than they knew, to serve their generation, and overcome - money, manpower, leadership shortage, uncertainties - and entered into times of reaping, we can take courage from their example learn from their hesitations, and allow our faith to be strengthened for our tasks knowing that the resources they had were not any greater or lesser than ours.

We are grateful to Mr. Allan K. Surrey for the hours he has spent researching material and preparing this booklet, also to those who have provided material. Our thanks must also go to the Centenary Committee for the time and effort they have put into making the observance possible.

One of our hymns (MHB 69) concludes with these words -

"We'll praise Him for all that is past

And trust Him for all that is to come."

We have inherited much from the past. We look forward to the future with confidence, to build on that inheritance and serve our generation in the way that under God becomes clear to us. NOEL D. BILLINGHURST, Minister.