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With the closing of the St Aubyn's Methodist Church in New Plymouth, we see the passing of an era for Methodism in that part of New Plymouth. As we reflect upon its history, we remember with gratitude the faithfulness of all those who have belonged to this community of faith. For during the past 89 years, the St Aubyn's Church, and more particularly its people, have been a visible symbol to the community, reflecting the life and faith of Jesus Christ.

We are grateful to Mrs Dulcie Holland for the many hours she has spent in researching the material, and for the careful recording of the information. This booklet seeks to capture something of the history and the vision of the people who worshipped at St Aubyn's.

While at this time we find ourselves looking back and remembering the past, so we must also look forward to the future, believing that the challenges of the past, become an inspiration for the people of today. Let us go forward with confidence, and continue in the task of making disciples.

June 1980

Rev Stan J West