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Our Memories - Richmond Methodist Church, Nelson

Services were first conducted in 1843. The following year saw a small weatherboard church erected. The principal promoters being Messrs Holdaway, Lightband, Hewitt and George Sutton. During the first few years the Revs Ironside, Aldred and Warren were accustomed to spend alternate Sundays in the City and country villages of the Waimea. They were assisted by able local preachers.

This first building was near Salisbury Road - Main Street Corner. There was a strong well organised Sunday School and class meetings were well attended.

Additional land was purchased with a cottage thereon part adobe and part wood which became the parsonage into which R.S. & Mrs Bunn moved. That same year, 1866, a new church costing £400 was erected. Eleven years later in 1877, the cottage was replaced by a comfortable two story, eight roomed parsonage built at a cost of £350 ($700) almost free of debt. Rev T.F Reeve was ministering at that time.

The parsonage remained in use until the 1940's when it was sold on Oxford Street/Wensley Rd corners as a corner section. A parsonage was then bought at 105 Queen Street. A rough cast, two storey building was built on the section of the Fairground, named Epworth. On 26 June 1960, a new modern parsonage was dedicated and opened at 28 Oxford Street. The dedication was performed by Rev M.A. McDowell D.D. and the opening by Mrs L. Gibson, the wife of the circuit superintendent. It was situated next door to the original parsonage. The plan was supplied by the church Building Loan Committee, modified to suit Richmond conditions by Mr G. Phillips, at a cost of £4600. Furnishings cost £600 and the section cost £1000.

Rev Loyal Gibson and Mrs Gibson and their three children took up residence the day following the dedication.

........ and so on up to 2008.