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Wesley Methodist Church Papatoetoe 75th Anniversary 1987

as you read this booklet memories will tumble out. We are human and although we often struggle and have our differences, we remember the 'good things'. Therefore while some memories may be sombre, most will surely be cause for gratitude and rejoicing.

Let's celebrate with enthusiasm! Lives have been moulded or changed. God has been with us.

However, unless our remembering causes us to reflect upon our Church and its life our celebrations will be hollow. After 75 years is Wesley Church yet all that God would have her be? As individuals or together are we clearly the Body of Christ to the lonely, the troubled, the unemployed, the comfortable in Papatoetoe? Alone we tremble but, "Best of all - God is with us."

As we thank God for past achievements must they not inspire us to greater daring, deeper loyalty and firmer commitment?

Christ always strides ahead beckoning the courageous, "Follow Me."

In these days of less sensitive citizens and of lowering standards, the need for dependable, caring, costly love is urgent, and it must come from us, Christ's followers. Otherwise the faith of our forbears is betrayed.

Given that renewal of commitment, and knowing that God goes before us, we believe that 'best is yet to be' as we continue to create history every day.


George Bennett,

Minister and Manukau District Superintendent.