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From the beginning Paparoa was included in the old Kaipara Circuit of the Wesleyan Maori Mission, which ran from Kaihu and Tangiteroria in the North to Helensville in the South, and included all communities adjacent to the harbour, both Maori and Pakeha. The Circuit was led by the Rev. William Gittos, assisted by one or more Maori ministers, The best-known of these in the early days was Hoani Waiti, At a later date, after Mr Gittos' removal to Auckland, Hauraki Paul was in charge of the Maori work on the Kaipara.

Mr Gittos welcomed the Port Albert settlers on arrival, and preached to them on the following day. They were very near neighbours,just across the water from his home at Oruawharo. He looked up all the Albertlanders on arrival at the various settlements, and proved a very good friend to them. In the earliest years he included Paparoa in his regular circuit round, visiting the settlement at least once a quarter. He travelled mainly by Maori canoe.