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The Trinity Methodist Church, Kingsland has been an oasis for many people over the past 150 years. I think of the dedication to the Church which past members have shown, the service they have offered to Christ and the Community, and this was too valuable a contribution to be lost. I admire those early settlers, when their first Church was too small, with determination, worked hard to build a larger one. Continually short of money, they held soirees, entertainments etc to raise money to finish the building, and with alterations and repairs, this continued through the years.

Today, in the large cities such as Auckland, commercial buildings have taken over. Other Churches in the surrounding area sadly are no more. We think of Eden Terrace which closed in 1952, St. Georges Anglican at Kingsland and St. Enochs Presbyterian at Morningside all closed. Kingsland Methodist remains, and we have had the advantage of receiving members from Eden Terrace in 1952, and in February 1987 from St. Judes, Grey Lynn. These members have made a valuable contribution to the Church at Kingsland, and we thank them.