New Zealand Methodist Church OnLine History
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In The Beginning

The early Wesleyan Missions in South Taranaki.

Chapter I. The Fellowship of Heroic Beginnings

Chapter II. Enter the Gospel - Exit Slavery

Chapter III. The First Maori Evangelist in South Taranaki

Chapter IV. Discipleship in Action

Chapter V. The First Maori Martyrs

Chapter VI. The Pioneering Missionary Survey

Chapter VII. Arrival of Rev. C. Creed at Ngamotu

Chapter VIII. The Arrival of Rev. J. Skevington and First Service at Waingongoro

Chapter IX. The Work of William Hough

Chapter X. Thomas Skinner, Mr. Hough's Successor

Chapter XI. Mr. David Sole

Chapter XII. Contacts With Contemporary Missions

Chapter XIII. Rev. Wm. Woon Comes To Heretoa

Chapter XIV. A Lutheran Ally

Chapter XV. The Industrial Emphasis

Chapter XVI. Promise and Harvest

Chapter XVII. Pagan Rivalry

Chapter XVIII A New Terror - Unknown Diseases

Chapter XIX. Problems of Transport

Chapter XX. The Roman Catholic Church

Chapter XXI. A Woman's Heroism

Chapter XXII. Maori Churches

Chapter XXIII Mr. Woon's Trials and Death

Chapter XXIV. George Stannard And Educational Developments

Chapter XXV. Wanganui River And The Work Of Rev. W. Kirk

Chapter XXVI. The Darkness Of War

Chapter XXVII Early Land Problems

Chapter XXVIII Taiporohenui And The Land League

Chapter XXIX. The Waitara War

Chapter XXX. Troubled Days

Chapter XXXI. A Bewildering Experience

Chapter XXXII. Tauke

Chapter XXXIII. Mr. W. Williams And Katene Tuwhakaruru

Chapter XXXIV. Some Letters

The Author. Thomas Godfrey Hammond