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The celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Dublin Street Church is an appropriate time to publish something of the early history of the Church, for the occasion is important in that it commemorates not only the commencement of this Church, but also the establishment of the Primitive Methodist cause in the Wanganui district.

From an introductory note written in the first minute book by the Rev. Jas. Cocker concerning the commencement of the mission, the following is an extract:-

"For many years there had been a desire on the part of the Connexion to commence services in Wanganui, but year after year the matter was indefinitely postponed. During those years members of our Church had come to the town and joined other Churches, thus being lost to the Connexion. Had services been commenced some 1 5 years ago or more we should probably have had a strong Church in this town at the present time."