An Index to
NZ Methodist Church History OnLine
Archives An historical survey of the NZ Methodist
Archives now in Auckland and Christchurch.
WHS Publication #72 2000
Methodist Archives - An Historical Survey
by D. Phillipps
in WHS Journal 2000
Auckland Central Mission The story of the Auckland Central
Mission in the Depression years
WHS Publication #37 1982
The Decisive Decade - Auckland mission
by I.F.Faulkner
Connexional Funds Connexional funds in New Zealand
WHS Publication #21(3&4) 1965
Inheritance - Methodist Connexional Funds
by H.L.Fiebig
Connexional Funds in New Zealand
WHS Publication #47 1986
With Renewed Vigour - Connexional
Finances 1966-86
by Dr.D.J.Janus
Dunholme Methodist Theological College The story the first NZ Methodist
Theological College in Auckland.
WHS Publication #9(2)
'Dunholme' Theological College
by R.E.Fordyce
Faith and Order Faith and Order in the Methodist Church of New
Zealand 1950-1984
WHS Publication #53 1989
An Ordered Faith
by D.Pratt
Grafton Institution The Wesleyan Institution at Grafton.  WHS Publication #82-83 - 2006
Weaving the Unfinished Mats 
Prince Albert College Trust This tells the story of Wesley College and Prince Albert College 1850 and 1906 WHS Publication #8(2) 1950
A Tale of Two Colleges
by A.Arthur and N.Buttle.
The story of the Prince Albert Trust
WHS Publication #34 1979
The Prince Albert College Trust
by E.W.Hames
The story of the Prince Albert College Trust
between 1979 and 1989
WHS Publication #54 1990
A Dream to Fulfil - Prince Albert College Trust 1979-89 by W.J.Morrison
Probert Trust The story of John Probert and his legacy WHS Publication #40 1983
The Saga of the Probert Trust
by E.W.Hames
Trinity College Jack Penman presents selected facets of Trinity
College in this talk which he gave on Wesley
Day in 1998.
WHS Publication #67 1998
Journal 1998
Waiata Maori Choir
The Methodist Home Mission Party was
significant to the choral scene in New Zealand, raising the status of Maori performance during the 1920s and 1930s. 
They performed to audiences throughout
the country seven days a week, almost twelve months a year, for what amounted
to fifteen years of performance. 
The choir, which was later renamed the Waiata Maori Choir in 1934, used the stage
to entertain as well as to educate their audiences about Methodism, Maori and 
New Zealand. 
WHS Publication #95 2012
Journal 2012 

A Brief History of the Waiata 
Maori Choir, 1924-1938
by Michelle Willyams

Wellington Provincial District Methodist Local Preachers' Trust  The Sanson Trust began with a bequest of one hundred pounds, given by local preacher Henry Sanson. Sanson Trust  2004

Wesley College This tells the story of Wesley College and Prince Albert College 1850 and 1906 WHS Publication #8(2) 1950
A Tale of Two Colleges
by A.Arthur and N.Buttle.
The story of the setting up of Wesley College and its growth 1844-1982 WHS Publication #39 1982
From Grafton to Three Kings to Paerata -
Wesley College 1844-1982
by E.W.Hames
Wesley College in the context of education
WHS Publication #82-83 - 2006
Weaving the Unfinished Mats
Wesley Historical Society The first sixty years of the Wesley
Historical Society.
WHS Publication #59  1993
The Wesley Historical Society in Aotearoa/New Zealand: the first Sixty Years. by David Roberts.