An Index to
NZ Methodist Church History OnLine

Hawkes Bay - Wairarapa
Ballance  A brochure produced in 1966 for the 70th
Anniversary, telling the story of the Church.
The Church in our Midst
A Short History of the Ballance Church

by Miss Jessie Sinclair 
Masterton The Centenary booklet of the first Hundred Years of Masterton
Methodism 1858-1958.
WHS Publication #16(3&4) 1958
The First Hundred Years of Masterton
methodism 1858-1958
by J.B.Dawsom
Makomako The 50th Anniversary of the Makomako Church -
Makomako Church 50th Anniversary
1916 - 1966 
Napier The story of the beginnings of Methodism in Napier.
WHS Publication #2(3) 1943
Methodism in Napier - The Story of the First Decade
by Dr. C.H.Laws
Waipawa The story of the first 10 years (1871-1881) of Methodist
worship in Waipawa.
The First 10 years
by Frank Nathan
Woodville The booklet produced for the 75th Church Anniversary
in Woodville 1876-1951
WHS Publication #9(3) 1951
75 Years of Woodville Methodism
by C.B.Oldfield