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General History
William Morley History of NZ Methodism A comprehensive history of Methodism in New Zealand 1819- 1900 (Online at NY Library) McKee and Co. 1900
The History of Methodism in New Zealand
by Dr W.Morley
An index to The History of Methodism. 

WHS Publication 2006
Companion to William Morley History of Methodism in New Zealand
By Donald Phillipps
Centenary Sketches of NZ Methodism  A history of NZ Methodism written in 1922 to celebrate the first century in NZ. This supplements Morley's book. Lyttelton Times
Centenary Sketches of New Zealand Methodism
by W. J. Williams
Maori Missions A history of Maori Missions in NZ 1822-1972 WHS Publication #27 (1&2) 1972
Te Hahi Weteriana by G.I.Laurenson
The European Church A history of the European Church 1840-1913 WHS Publication #27 (3&4) 1972
Out of the Common Way - European Church in the Colonial Era 1840-1913 - by E.W.Hames
A history of the European Church 1913-1972 WHS Publication #28(1&2) 1973
Coming of Age - European Church 1913-1972 by E.W.Hames
Overseas Missions A history of NZ Missions overseas
WHS Publication #28(3&4) 1973
A Family Affair - NZ Methodism's Misions Overseas 1822-1972 by G.G.Carter
Performance An appraisal of the performance of the Methodist Church
in NZ 1850-1981
WHS Publication #42 1983
New Zealanders and the Methodist Evangel by
Dr. P.J.Lineham
Sunday Schools A history of the Sunday School movement and
the development of Methodist Sunday Schools
in NZ.
WHS Publication #66 1998
The Sunday School in New Zealand Methodism
by Rev. Frank Hanson
The Treaty of
Explores the part played by the Protestant
Missionaries in the signing of the Treaty in 1840.
WHS Publication #49 Journal 1986
Missionaries and the Treaty of Waitangi
by J M R Owens
A look at the relevance of the Treaty to the
WHS Publication #49 Journal 1986
by G.Brazendale
Connexional Funds A history of the Connexional funds 1847-1967 WHS Publication #21 1965
Inheritance - Methodist Connexional Funds by H.L.Fiebig
A history of the Connexional funds 1966-1986 WHS Publication #47 1986
With Renewed Vigour - Connexional Finances 1966-1986 by Dr. D.J.Janus
Church Architecture This publication contains an interesting article by Wes.
Chambers, on the development of church building styles
in New Zealand.
WHS Publication #62 1995
Rev. Wesley Albert Chambers
The 2012 Journal features an article by Eric
Laurenson who has been a pioneer in re-shaping
church architecture. His comment on the octagonal shape of some of the churches that he has designed reminds us of John Wesley's preference for the octagonal shape in the construction of his chapels.

WHS Publication #95
Journal 2012
''MORE THAN JUST AN HOUR ON SUNDAY Methodist Church Architecture in Aotearoa 1960-2000- a personal perspective. by Eric Laurenson

John Wesley An in depth look at the theology of John Wesley
and how it applies today (1987).
WHS Publication #51 Journal 1988
Law and Grace: John Wesley's Theology Today
by R.G.Tuttle
Commemorating the 250th anniversary of the
conversion of John Wesley in 1738. Two articles
show the commemorations in NZ and England.
WHS Publication #52, Journal 1989
- How New Zealand Kept the Feast.
- NZ was represented at St Pauls Cathedral,
London 24th May 1988
"The New Zealand Chiefs in Wesley's house, 1863".
This is an article on this painting by J.Smethan, and
it's place in NZ history.
WHS Publication #52, Journal 1989
A Historic Journey and Painting
by V.E.Mossong
The Doctrines of John Wesley and their Reception in
New Zealand Methodism in the late Twentieth
WHS Publication #69 1999
Journal 1999
The Doctrines of John Wesley by J.L.Keating
Science & Religion In "Changing Maps of the Universe", the Rev. Dr David
Bell examines the inter-relationship of Science and
WHS Publication #67 1998
Journal 1998

NZ Methodist Archives NZ Methodist Archives web site
NZ Methodist Archives web site.

NZ Methodist Newspapers
Digital copies (PDF and JPG formats) of The New
Wesleyan and The New Zealand Methodist Times
may be searched and downloaded.
(An OCR facility is included but was not very good.
Downloaded PDF files are large. OCR on a printed copy of a JPG file works quite well. (Ed. Alec Utting)
Kinder Library
Alexander Turnbull Library NZ Methodist resources at the Alexander Turnbull Library WHS Publication #32 1978
Methodism in NZ - Pioneer Resources in the Turnbull Library by J.E.Traue
University Theses A list of University theses of interest to Methodists
written between 1924 and 1983.
WHS Publication #44
Journal 1984
University Theses of Interest to Methodists.
A list of University theses of interest to Methodists
written between 1983 and 1996

WHS Publication #72 - 2000
WHS Journal 2000
Writing a Parish History Some basic guidelines for writing a Parish history.

WHS Publication #74 Journal 2001
Writing a Parish History by Allan K Davidson