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Early Missions

Early Missions
Missions before 1840 The early Wesleyan Missionaries in NZ before 1840. WHS Publication #38 1982
Wesleyan Missionaries in N.Z. before 1840 by Dr.J.M.R.Owens
Maori Missions in NZ A history of the Maori Missions in NZ
WHS Publication #27(1&2) 1973
Maori Missions in New Zealand 1822-1972 by G.I.Laurenson
Maori Response The Maori response to the Gospel in NZ WHS Publication #25(1-4) 1971
The Maori response to the Gospel by R.D.Rakena
Effectiveness of Missionaries The effectiveness of the Maori and Wesleyan
missionaries in NZ in the 19th Century
WHS Publication #27(6) 1973
The Unexpected Impact by Dr.J.M.R.Owens
Impact on Maoris The Impact of Christianity on the Maoris WHS Publication #12(4) 1955
The Impact of Christianity on the Maori by A.W.Reed
 Treaty of Waitangi "Missionaries and the Treaty of Waitangi"
WHS lecture by JMR Owens 1986
WHS Publication #49 1986
Missionaries and the Treaty of Waitangi 
by JMR Owens 
"Te Haeata" The Wesleyan Maori newspaper, published between
1859 and 1862.
WHS Publication #69 1999
Journal 1999
Te Haeata by Yvonne Sutherland

 Jim Stuart tells the story of Samuel Leigh and the
first Wesleyan Mission on the Whangaroa Harbour.
WHS Publication #87/88
Making Connections Down Under
by Jim Stuart
The story of the women who were at the first
Wesleyan Mission at Whangaroa, Kaeo. This includes the wives of Leigh and Turner.
WHS Publication #15(2&3) 1957
The Ladies of Wesleydale
by Sister Rita F. Snowden
The Voyage of the Triton The story of the voyage of the missionary
ship Triton to NZ in 1839
WHS Publication #22 1965
The Voyage of the 'Triton' by Nora Buttle
The Drowning of Bumby The story of the drowning of the Rev. John Bumby, an early missionary to New Zealand. WHS Publication #56 Journal 1990
By a Mysterious Providence
by I Whyle
Primitive Methodism

This book traces the first 50 years (1843-1893) of the Primitive Methodist Church in New Zealand.

Jubilee Memorial Volume
Fifty Years of Primitive Methodism in New Zealand

Missions by District

North Auckland
Missionary instructions The instructions given Samuel Leigh before coming to NZ in 1821 WHS Publication #6(3) 1948
Instructions to Early Missionaries by C.J.Freeman
Kerikeri William and Dinah Hall came to NZ with Marsden
and Kendall, but provided much help and support
to Samuel Leigh setting up his mission at
WHS Publication #51 Journal 1988
William and Dinah Hall and the first Wesleyan
Missionaries 1819-1825

by K.J.Knobbs
Wesleydale   See Early missions above.  
Whangarei A record of Samuel Leigh's visit to Whangarei in 1823 WHS Publication #6(2) 1948
Leigh's visit to Whangarei Harbour 1823 by F.W.Reed
Whangaroa (Kaeo) Samuel Leigh the first NZ Wesleyan missionary
1822-1827 and his Whangaroa Mission Station
WHS Publication #3(1&2) 1944
Toil and Adversity in Whangaroa by Dr.C.H.Laws
The story of the women who were at the first
Wesleyan Mission at Whangaroa, Kaeo. This includes the wives of Leigh and Turner.
WHS Publication #15(2&3) 1957
The Ladies of Wesleydale
by Sister Rita F. Snowden
Verna Mossong looks at the first 7 weeks of the
establishment of the Wesleyan Methodist Mission at Kaeo.
WHS Publication #67 1998
Journal 1998
Celebration at Kaeo by Verna Mossong.
Verna Mossong looks at the Mission at Kaeo -
WHS Publication #67 1998
Journal 1998
The Story of Wesleydale by Verna Mossong.
An article from The Australasian Methodist Missionary Review about Mrs Anne (Sargent) Turner, the wife of
the Missionary Rev. Nathaniel Turner.
WHS Publication #67 1998
Journal 1998
The Wonderful Woman of Wesleydale.
The story of the Rev. Nathaniel Turner, a missionary
at Kaeo.
WHS Publication #67 1998
Journal 1998
Rev. Nathaniel Turner by Verna Mossong
Mangungu (Hokianga) The story of the first years of the MIssion Station at Mangungu 1827-1836 WHS Publication #4(2&3) 1945
First Years at Hokianga by Dr. C.H.Laws
The story of a return visit to Mangungu in 1990 WHS Publication #55 1990
Return to Mangungu
by W.A.Chambers and B.J.Jones
Two letters written by Baron de Thierry to John Hobbs at Mangungu in 1842 WHS Publication #7(2) 1949
Some Letters of Baron de Thierry
compiled by L.R.M.Gilmore
Early mission sites in the Waikato A booklet produced in 2013 around some of the early mission sites Waikato Wesleyan Missions by Robin Astridge
Kawhia A booklet produced for a Waikato-Waiariki
Pilgrimage to Kawhia in 2013
A Pilgrimage to Kawhia 1834-2013
compiled by Alan Leadley
Main Trunk Railway
Saddlebags and navvies tells the story of the
Methodist Mission to Railway Construction Workers on the North Island Main Trunk
railway 1895 - 1908. 
WHS Publication #85
Journal 2007
By Douglas Burt
Waingaroa (Raglan) The story of James Wallis and the setting up of
the Waingaroa Mission Station at Raglan 1834-1863
WHS Publication #21 1965
Rev James Wallis by C.T.J.Luxton
Mokau-Kawhia-Raglan The story of Cort Schnackenburg at the three
Mission stations 1843-1880
WHS Publication #57 1991
A Pioneer Missionary - Cort Schnackenburg
by G.E.J.Hammer

South Taranaki
The story of the early Missions established in South
Taranaki with information on Skevington, Woon, Hough and others.
Methodist Literature and Colporture Soc.
First published 1915
In the Beginning by T.G.Hammond
Missionary work in South Taranaki 1837-1846 WHS Publication #1(4) 1942
Early Missionary Days in South Taranaki
by A.B.Chappell
The Land Wars and the MIssions The story of John Whiteley and the Land Wars. WHS Publication #64 1996
John Whiteley - Land Sovereignty and the Land Wars of the 19th Century By G. Brazendale
Whakatumutumu (King Country) The story Frederick Miller and the Whakatumutumu Mission WHS Publication #16(5) 1959
Sowing the Seed in Pioneer NZ - Frederick Miller of Whakatumutumu by G.Elliot
Hawkes Bay
Norsewood (Southern
Hawkes Bay)
The story of Pastor Ewdard Nielson
and the Scandinavian Mission in
Norsewood 1872-94
WHS Publication #13(1) 1955
The Scandinavian Mission - 1872-94
by G.I.Laurenson
1989 marked the 150th anniversary of the start
of Methodism at Te Aro in Wellington. This is the story of the the Te Aro Maori Mission.
WHS Publication #56 Journal 1990
The Wesleyan Maori Mission at Te Aro 1839-1877
by J H Roberts
South Island
Port Underwood(Marlborough) The story of Samuel Ironside and the mission at Port Underwood 1840-1855 WHS Publication #11(1)
Samuel Ironside and the Cloudy Bay Mission
by F.W.Smith
Waikouaiti (Otago) The story of James Watkin and the mission at Waikouaiti 1840-1844 WHS Publication #33 1978
James Watkin - Pioneer Missionary
by R.Belmer