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Kia ora e te whanau

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Today is an important day with Council of Conference meeting for the first time this year and we will have nine new members. This creates an opportunity to share again the origins of the Council of Conference, its history and some of the themes and concerns that have shaped its thinking and visioning.

This meeting is being held in Auckland today and tomorrow and we look forward to meeting everyone in a real face-to-face meeting.

Trudy apologises for the incorrect web link provided last week. The correct link is which includes current updates and some information regarding vaccinations.

Vaccinations will remain an important topic as the Government's rollout plan continues. The lastest MIQ worker case of interest occurred between the worker's first and second vaccination shots when the vaccines aren't quite as effective.

There is also a tool available from the Government website which can be used to see where you fit in the rollout plan. This link is available on our website too. Tara has tried this online process and should be in the rollout queue in July!

We welcome all your questions that come into the Connexional Office, we love to get feedback from our members!

We wish you all a very good Friday, have a great weekend and we will talk with you again next week.


Tara and Trudy

Tara Tautari

General Secretary

Trudy Downes

Health and Safety Coordinator


Weekly Advisory - 19 March weekly briefing

Greetings everyone

Tara is in Auckland and we have President Andrew with us today!

Video link:
(No presidents were harmed in the making of this short video).

A short covid update for the week.

·         The Covid wage subsidy applications close on 21 March, please contact Sarah Andrews if you need to and haven't yet.

·         Some information on vaccines has been added to our website

It has been a very quiet week, as we are all on Alert Level 1 please continue being vigilant!

Andrew was reminded that years ago, just after the earthquakes, he worked quite closely with Jill Hawkey and he learnt a huge amount, discovering that being nice to people pays dividends. A revelation – to be kind and to be generous paid dividends all round!


      Be Kind – you have the power to make other people feel good.

God bless you this week.

Andrew and Trudy 


Andrew Doubleday
MCNZ President

Trudy Downes
Health and Safety Coordinator

Kia ora e te whanau 

It has been a very long week in which we have gone from Zoom meeting to Zoom meeting. Two important meetings this week were the Connexional Budget Task Group meeting and our Pastoral Committee meeting. There were a lot of discussions and hard work in these meetings! 

Video Link  

We are also happy to have our Auckland colleagues re-join us in Alert Level 1.

Auckland has done a lot of hard work (Well done!) and it hasn't been easy, particularly when Auckland is singled out for Level 3 restrictions. People need to take the time out to recognise the stresses created with lockdowns and Alert Level changes. We need to take time out to ask ourselves if we are OK. 

Even Zoom meetings take it out of people; it is difficult trying to balance Zoom meetings and ensuring we are in contact with each other face to face. 

One of the larger sections in our Covid Reponse Plan is dedicated to our mental wellbeing and who we can talk with. You can always phone Tara or Trudy, and there are many other options as well. CLICK HERE 

It begins with having the conversation and recognising that "actually, I do need someone to talk with, this is very important". 

Another, thing that has come out this week is the vaccination roll out plan. We, throughout the Church, fall in different areas of the rollout plan of when we might get our Covid vaccinations. Further information will be on our website next week.  

The last meeting we want to tell you about is the meeting held in Auckland this morning between the Prime Minister and NZ Church leaders. We are thankful that our Vice President, Etuini Talakai, was able to be present and really give a voice to our Methodist Church concerns. We will also have more information about this meeting next week. 

Until then, take care, look after yourselves, and start those conversations about being OK! 

Ka kite 


Tara and Trudy 

Tara Tautari

General Secretary

Trudy Downes

Health and Safety Coordinator


Mental Wellness Support

Covid-19 Advisory - 5 March weekly briefing

Kia ora e te whanau

As this week winds down, let us send encouragement to our whanau on the eastern coasts as many people are evacuating with the tsunami warnings. Look after yourselves and each other and please keep an eye on the Civil Defence warnings to stay safe. We hold you in our prayers as we wait for the seas to settle once more.

Video Link

Also this week the MCNZ Covid-19 website has been updated. All new updates are highlighted in yellow.

Key updates: Wage Subsidy Scheme March 2021, and a note from Faith and Order regarding Holy Communion.

You are encouraged to keep checking in with our website to ensure you have the best information that is available to you.

We have been thinking about Easter camps this week and would remind you to...

  • Think flexibly – have a contingency plan for your Easter Camp in case an Alert Level change occurs suddenly
  • Think safety – how will you keep people Covid safe if your East Camp is able to go ahead?
  • Think about Police Vetting – are all your people up to date on their Police Vetting?

Mission Resourcing manage the Police Vetting process for us all.

We have had queries about Alert Level 2 and having morning tea after the church service, and having Holy Communion.

To keep people safe at Alert Level 2 we are saying let us not share food and drink at this time, which also means not holding Holy Communion at Alert Level 2.

However, we can wait to see the results of what the Government says, today or tomorrow. We can wait a week if they decide to maintain the current Alert Levels and maybe have Holy Communion next week. Sorry Auckland, you are unlikely to reduce down to Alert Level 1, but we will see!

The Faith and Order Convenor, David Poultney, is going to be continuing these discussions around some of the protocols of us being able to take communion face to face at church or doing it at home. What are the online possibilities? These discussions are still to be held. Suffice to say we are all in this together.

We want to make sure that we stay safe and that we are caring for each other. As we come up to the decision of Government, which is coming up within the next day or so, we want to make sure that we are doing everything that WE can to ensure our whole Church is safe.

Thank you! Have a great weekend.

Tara and Trudy

Tara Tautari

General Secretary

Trudy Downes

Health and Safety Coordinator


MCNZ Covid-19 site

Wage Subsidy March 2021

Holy Communion

Mission Resourcing Police Vetting process and forms

Covid-19 Advisory - Alert Level Changes

Kia ora whanau,

An update from the Connexional Office on the latest Covid-19 Alert Level changes.

CLICK HERE to see the video

Tara made it back last night after braving the way from Northland to Tamaki (Auckland)and waiting for about 3 hours in the queue, so she knows some of the frustration that's been going on throughout our communities as we adjust once again in this latest Covid Alert Level environment.

Just a reminder about numbers of people at gatherings for our different Alert Levels.

·         At Alert Level 3 up to 10 people can gather for weddings, funerals and tangihanga.

·         At Alert Level 2 we can have gaterhings of up to 100 people.

The Government is also encouraging us to wear face masks in public areas like shops. In addition to that the Church is encouraging people to wear face masks at church services. So at Alert Level 2 even though we can gather in numbers up to 100 people, please wear a face mask and take that extra step of keeping people safe.

In addition, all face to face meetings with connexional office staff will be shifted to Zoom meetings for the week of those lockdowns, and the following week. This will give certainty to people around travel arrangements and bookings.

The Government have confirmed they will be reinstating the wage subsidies, this information will be given to us late Monday afternoon, and we hope to have all the information out to parishes by lunchtime on Wednesday so there is certainty around what you can and can't apply for in terms of the wage subsidy.

There is a lot going on whanau. What is best for us as Church is that we continue to work together and that we continue to be kind and help each other as much as possible.

The Connexional Office is here to receive any questions you may have. Call, text or email and we will answer as soon as possible.

Untill we see each other again, stay safe, keep well and God bless.

Tara, Trudy and Sarah.


Tara Tautari

General Secretary

Trudy Downes

Health and Safety Coordinator

Sarah Andrews


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