E te whanau a Te Karaiti, tena koutou katoa.

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Easter greetings to you from the Connexional Office.  We give our special greetings to the whole of the Connexion on what is Holy Thursday, commonly known as Maundy Thursday.  'Maundy'comes from the Latin term mandatum, which means 'command.'  We recall Jesus' command to us to love one another even as he has loved us.

We've come out of a very busy week with a very exciting Council of Conference meeting which had a lot of energy and a lot of commitment to push through some of the concerns that have been before the Church for a number of months.  Next week Tara will be sharing a summary of the work with you.

Next week also brings the opportunity of the Tauiwi Strategy group meeting in the weekend which is another place to raise up the issues that we want to talk about in our Church.

We also still urge people to consider the vaccine rollout that is happening.

Vaccination is an individual choice.  However we are a whanau with a great interest in each others' wellbeing particularly those who are more vulnerable to severe disease and their whanau and support team that are around them.

If you have questions about vaccinations then seek answers from trustworthy sources such as Ministry of Health, the Immunisation Advisory Centre or the World Health Organisation. Links to their information are on our website.

While vaccinations are an individual choice, we should all work together to create the community immunity levels needed to protect our most vulnerab
le whanau.

We encourage you all to keep on supporting each other even as we have been commanded to love one another.

We wish you a blessed Easter weekend and will see you again next week.

Tara and Trudy