Kia ora koutou

 Another new community case today points to contact tracing being the best thing we can do to find out if we have been at a location of interest, and if you have been at a location of interest you need to know where you have been in case you test positive for Covid-19.

 Keep an eye on the locations of interest at this website CLICK HERE

 I would be interested in learning how isolation at home works when not all household members have been at a location of interest: how easy is it to isolate one member of the household from everyone else if only the one person was at a location of interest?

 Advice to Auckland parishes... how safe the parish feels will determine whether you should hold in person services or not. And if you do hold in person services then I recommend that you wear a mask for the entire services. I know it is likely to be uncomfortable but we wear masks to keep others safe.

 Take care everyone, and have a great weekend!

 Ka kite.

Health and Safety Coordinator


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