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Coming together during Delta - Webinar
Monday 20 September 2021, 3.00pm

Alert Level 2 is here for many of us, and our Auckland whanau will get there too!
Meanwhile we are coming to grips that this is different to National Lockdown 2020.
Delta is different.

What started off as handwashing in 2020 has evolved to handwashing, face masks, contact tracing and physical distancing. How we meet in, and how we share our buildings with others also has to change with the times.

Vice President 'Etuini Talakai and Trudy Downes will be joined by guest panelist Associate Professor Siouxsie Wiles to talk about what we can do to keep keeping our people safe.

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    "Associate Professor Siouxsie Wiles describes herself as a microbiologist and bioluminescence enthusiast but to many she is "that pink-haired science lady". Siouxsie studied medical microbiology at the University of Edinburgh, followed by a PhD in microbiology at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology in Oxford. Siouxsie has a keen interest in demystifying science; she is a tweeter, blogger, podcaster, and media science commentator"
(Source: University of Auckland)
    Vice President 'Etuini Talakai is in the Methodist Connexional Property Committee and a member of the Vahefonua Tonga Methodist Mission Charitable Trust. He is a member of the Auckland Manukau Tongan Parish and was involved in the Vahefonua Tonga Covid-19 response when a member of the Dominion Road Church was confirmed with Covid-19.
    Trudy Downes is the Health and Safety Coordinator for the Methodist Church of New Zealand and is responsible for producing the Church's Covid-19 Response Plan in conjunction with feedback from across the Connexion.