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   Light Party October 31 2018    
 The Light Party is put on by the Combined Te Awamutu Christian Churches and is offered as a free gift to the community as an alternative to Halloween.  This was the 17th year and was once again attended by about 3,000 people enjoying sausages, drinks, games, rides, bouncy castles and other sideshows.  Our church runs a skittles game pictured here.  Much fun was had as our helpers interacted with children and families, people from other churches and with each other.      
   Spring Extravaganza 2018    
   Our Spring Extravaganza 2018 happened over the weekend of September 8th and 9th.  Rev Brice and Judith Herbert planned, prepared, advertised and coordinated the coming together of our people to make it happen.The floral display in the church was magnificent and Brice had an exhibition of his floral art in our lounge.  The hall was full of craft stalls.On both afternoons a music concert was held with guest soloists Katie Trigg and Cecily Shaw.  Their wonderful personalities shone through their beautiful singing.  Freda Cavanagh's ukele country singing group and some audience sing-a-longs made for a very enjoyable programme.  The Sunday morning Spring service was led by our Rev Shelley Walker and the choir participated.  This was followed by a soup and bun lunch.    
  Funds raised were divided equally between our church and the Kainga Aroha Community House next door to assist with the costs of their children's summer camp in January.     
   Rev Shelley's Induction service February 1 2018    
 After a year as our 'Supply' presbyter both Shelley and our congregation were delighted to make the appointment permanent.  Many district visitors and people special to Shelley attended.  

 A message from Rev Shelly - 
"Dear friends, thank you all for your presence at the Induction service on Thursday night and for all your messages of support and encouragement.  Special thanks to June and the choir for your contribution to the service, and to Brice for beautiful works of art in church and lounge.
I don't know where the past year has gone, but you have made the transition from city to town a joy.  I am delighted to be worshiping and ministering with you and look forward to what God has in store for us in the future.  May God's richest blessings be yours.         Shelley"
 The Parish presented Shelley with symbolic gifts of Bible, pastoral roll, pitcher and bowl of service. Shelley, in turn, presented the Parish with a handmade pulpit drop symbolic of our Te Awamutu landscape The Rev Jenny Dawson highlighted the induction as the beginning of a new partnership created so that together we can "finish God's world".hawk flying lonely'.
 The Induction flowers were created by Rev Brice Herbert in the traditional Induction colours of red and white depicting the Holy Spirit.    The black fan depicts darkness in life, red poinsettia symbolizes the holy energy of God, the magnolia leaves indicate new life and white dove symbolizes the peaceful nature of the Holy Spirit.

  Float Parade 2017
 Our church float in the 2017 Te Awamutu Christmas Parade picked up on our declaration that we celebrate God's love for all people.      
 The Welcome Service for our new presbyter Rev Shelley Walker was held February 12 2017.  Shelley's appointment is as a supply presbyter for twelve months.      
   Parish Stewards Colin Pinkerton and Nynke Piebenga take Shelley through the Charge to Ministry.  District Superintendent Rev Dr Susan Thompson charges the congregation with their responsibilities.  
   Christmas 2016    
 Led by Bev Bayly our Christmas service on December 18th was very special. 
The choir and many members of the congregation participated and there was a spirit of togetherness, Christmas spirit and some hilarity amidst the honouring and celebrating of the Christmas story.
   Lay Preaching Evaluation Service    
 On July 10 2016 our Joan Myles led our church service which was evaluated as part of the process towards becoming an accredited lay preacher.
She did superbly well and we are all very proud of her.
   Joan is pictured here with the evaluation team - 
Peter West, Nynke Piebenga and Viv Whimster
 On August 28 2016 Joan was presented with
her Lay Preacher's certificate by Rev Anne 
Griffiths at Morning Worship.
   Rededication of the Te Kopua Memorial    
   A walk across a field from Cannons Road near the Kawhia turnoff from the Otorohanga/Pirongia State Highway 39 stands the Te Kopua Monument with two flanking headstones.  See Robin Astridge's 'Brief Outline of Wesleyan Mission Stations in the Waikato' http://www.methodist.org.nz/files/docs/wesley%20historical/waikato%20wesleyan%20missions.pdf
    With Kakepuka Mountain in the background, 
    the rededication ceremony was held on
    June 5th 2016. Four of our church people
    attended. Jim Rogers of Kiokio spearheaded
    the refurbishing of the memorial.  It is totally
    stock proof with no gate.
     The elders who spoke talked about the
     Mission school  and the teacher who
     travelled each day from Parawera (including
     paddling across the Waipa River).
     They spoke also about how the Maori people
     resisted the Wesleyans and wanted to stay
     aligned with the Methodists.
   Sixty five years of lay preaching    
    Sixty five years of lay preaching is quite a record!
June 5 2016 saw Catherine Dickie, Hamilton, take her last service before hanging up her lay preaching hat.  We were privileged to have Catherine choose to lead that last service at Te Awamutu.  Rev Dr Susan Thompson acknowledged this tremendous journey and presented Catherine with a gift for her garden.
We know you will continue to wear many hats Catherine as you offer your various skills and a lifetime of experience in different ways to bless others in their life journeys.
 100 years of worship in our present church building

            Over the weekend of October 17th and 18th
     2015 we celebrated 100 years of worship in
     our present church building.

     An informal gathering on the Saturday
     afternoon was the opportunity for sharing,
     reminiscing, viewing of photos, listening to a
     historical talk by Robin Astridge who had put
     together a booklet for the occasion and
     enjoying afternoon tea.

     We were delighted to have our President
     Tovia Aumua and Vice President Bella  
     Ngaha attend and take part in the
     celebration service on the Sunday morning.
     This was followed by a catered lunch.


Past and present clergy were in attendance:
Rev Jo Durrant (present supply Presbyter)
Rev Barry Neal, June Higham (Deacon)
Dr Rev Susan Thompson
(District Superintendent)
Rev Gloria Zanders, Rev Maureen Calman,
Vice President Bella Ngaha,
President Tovia Aumua, Mrs Tilly Aumua 

The choir had a major contribution to the service.