Welcome to Te Aroha

Co-operating Parish

Minister: Rev Scott Wishart

St David's


Springs Community Trust

Waitoa Church, State Highway 26, Waitoa. Deacon: Dianne Hight

Dianne Hight was Ordained a Deacon of the Methodist Church in 1988. She has a covenant with the Parish which was up dated and accepted at the May 2012 meeting of the Parish Council for a further 2 years.

Her work is a part-time community facing ministry based mainly at Waitoa. She co-ordinates Rainbow Club at Waitoa Church on Sunday Mornings during term time, which caters for children and their families. A monthly Service of Worship is held and attended by Rainbow club and other folk in the area. These activities use the "Seasons of the Spirit" materials. Themed teas are held in Te Aroha each term.

Dianne co-ordinates a Friendship Group, meeting in the church hall where attendees enjoy speakers, demonstrations and making scrap books.

Christmas displays are held, with Waitoa children visiting and some members are now helping School Pupils weekly with crafts.

Dianne organises the Annual Carol Service at the Waitoa School which is attended by Waitoa folk and school pupils, with music provided by the Piako Concert Brass Band. Included in her duties is being the Convenor for Bible in Schools for the Te Aroha Area where she teaches in 3 schools and organises for a fourth school. Dianne also orders curriculum books and recruits Bible in Schools Teachers who use the Christian Religious Education material.

Her Parish involvement includes attending Parish Council, and the Worship and Education and Pastoral Care sub-committees. Other meetings attended include Ministers' Association, Methodist Synod and the Annual Methodist Conference. Dianne is available for taking funerals when required, meets regularly with the Presbyter and regularly takes the Prayers of Intercession when worshiping in St David's Church.

110 years old today!

Well, it may be not today (as you read this), but on 25th August 2013 we gathered at Waitoa Church to celebrate 110 years of ministry in the Waitoa area. Rev Doris Elphick delivered the formal address, which can be read here. The photo below records the attendance of approximately 100 people at this celebration. Maurice Hight, pictured below (somewhere), and referring to himself as the Gardener, shared these reflections after the luncheon in the Waitoa hall.

Click here to view other photographs taken during the activities at Waitoa.