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 Living the Faith at Home
This is a weekly devotional message prepared by Viv Whimster for the whole family to take part in. Click on the date you require:
Home Activities  Children's Leaflet
   12 April                       12 April
   19 April                       19 April             26 April                       26 April
      3 May                        
 3  May
    10 May                        10 May
    17 May                        17 May
   07 June
                        07 June
   14 June                        14 June
   21 June                        21 June
   28 June                        28 June
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Our Synod's Weekly Newsletter

'Engage at home' is a Presbyterian site which has a daily family prayer and worship activities. Read more

Christianity and Coronavirus

Hutt City Uniting Service at home

Wesley Chapel Community 

Ministry of Health

Govt Covid-19 Website

Do face masks protect against Covid19?


A Note from Erin, our Circuit Administrator

I will be working from home and you can contact me on either the Circuit office email address – tauranga.methodist@xtra.co.nz or telephone 541 3339 (h) or 021 878 557 (mobile). Please do not think you will be 'bothering me' if you need to contact me during this time with any administration-related concerns.

Penny at St Stephens

Penny took the service at St Stephens last Sunday (27/9/20) and to hear a YouTube recording of her Reflection, Click here

Order of Service

for 27/9/2020

Click here  to read today's order of Service.


Sunday Service 

for 20/09/2020

Click Here to see the service prepared by Rev Ralph Vickers and Rev Norman Brookes and Click Here to read the Order of Service


?Sunday Service


Click here  to watch this morning's service which has been prepared by Ngaire, and   click here to read a copy of the order of service.


Sunday Service


Click here to watch this morning's service which has been prepared by Leigh and Dianne Sundberg. 

Click here to read the Order of Service.




Click here to see the service on YouTube which this week comes from Te Puke and is led by Margaret Birtles.

Order of Service

for Sunday 30/8/20

Please click here



Click here to watch the service which comes from St Stephens this morning.

Sunday's Service (16/8/20)

To take part in Viv's Youtube service please

Click on this link

Well, here we are back on the Covid page again.

Click here 

to see this Sunday's Order of Service (16/8/20)


Back to Wesley at last

To see photos take at the service              on Sunday, 5/7/20

 Click Here

Sunday Service 28/6/2020

To read a copy of the Order of Service, Click here

To view the audio-visual copy of the service Click Here

Sunday Service 21/6/2020

Today we observe Disability Sunday  with a service from St Stephens. Click here to view the service

Sunday Service 14/6/2020

To read a copy of the Order of Service         Click here

To see the audio-visual version                    Click here       

Sunday Service 7/06/2020

You can read a copy of the order of service
Click here
or view an audio-visual version
Click here

Sunday Service 31/5/20

Pentecost Sunday

This morning's service is being led by Penny Guy and can be viewed here.

Sunday Service 10/5/20

Mothers' Day

This morning's service is being taken by Ngaire Southon, one of our Lay Preachers. You can read the Order of Service here and view it here

Sunday Service 3/5/20

Leigh's reflections on 'Abundant life'.

You can view the service here and a written order of service is available here

Sunday Service 26/4/20

Lest we forget

Leigh leads us this morning in an Eastertime ANZAC service. He apologises for any imperfections in the video he has prepared. View here

You can read an Order of Service here

Sunday Service 19/4/20

Behind locked doors 

Today's service is being lead by               Viv Whimster, one of our Wesley lay preachers. You can read a copy of the order of service here, and you can see and hear  the service on a YouTube video by clicking here.  You can listen to the last hymn, Christ the Lord is Risen Today, sung by a worldwide Easter choir, by clicking here.

Easter Sunday Service

He has risen!

You can see a printed version of today's service  here and you can take part in the service when you click here. The service lasts for about half an hour and is complete with singing, prayers (including the Lord's Prayer sung in Swahili), and, of course, Leigh's 'Reflections on a Journey to New Life'.

Good Friday Meditation

Leigh has placed a service for Good Friday on a YouTube film. It runs for 25 minutes and includes singing and images.                Watch here 

(YouTube films come with advertising. This can be minimised by filling the whole screen with the picture. To achieve this place the curser on the picture & a band at the bottom will appear and on the right side is a rectangle with holes in the 4 sides. Click on this)

Palm Sunday Service

Sunday 5/04/2020

 To read Leigh's service CLICK HERE

(There is also a link on the Worship Page)


 Sunday Service 22/03/2020

This Sunday service was to have been lead by Ngaire Southon. Unfortunately it had to be cancelled, but you can read what she would have said by clicking here.

That morning's Service Sheet is also available by clicking here.


  Sunday Worship 

Leigh has prepared a service complete with prayers and hymns. Read further

 Our minister, Rev Leigh Sundberg has written all members a letter regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. 
Click here to read his words.

Letters from

From time to time Leigh will write articles to uplift us as we all endeavour to cope with our enforced isolation.
Read Letter 1
Read Letter 2
 Read Letter 3
 Read Letter 4
 Read Letter 5
 Read Letter 6
Read letter 7 (The latest)


 As we approach Easter Jubilate (an English organisation)  have put together a small selection of Jubilate pieces that take us through the lows and highs of Holy Week and Easter. As well as the usual lyrics and piano scores, all have mp3s to listen to or download,  During the current challenging times it seems all the more relevant to meditate on this journey from despair to hope. Read more

Wesley FaceBook Page
Apart from the "Important Links', most of the articles on this page, as well as other posts, can be viewed on our FaceBook page, where you can tell us if you like them and add any other comments too.
 Click here:  Our FaceBook Page


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