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Wesley Church and Hall

What is Wesley Church All About?
Wesley Church prides itself as being a good neighbour, part of the community where all people are welcome in an open, warm and welcoming atmosphere.

We are a community of people, from a great variety of backgrounds, and aware of God's presence among us.

Our aim is to follow the way of Jesus in our work and worship and in our every day lives.

Wesley Church Mission Statement
To be a loving and inclusive faith community that reaches out to all people.
Meet Our Ministry Team
Here at Wesley we have a team of three

Rev. Leigh Sundberg Presbyter
Valma Hallam, Deacon

Daniel Belchamber, Youth Co-ordinator

We invite you to join us and hope you enjoy your time. We encourage you to participate in some of the activities we share together, and contribute to them as you are able.

As well as our regular activities, we enjoy occasional social events with other churches such as picnics, themed dinners and sports for fun.

If you are new to our faith community, have any queries or would like to become a member, then talk to Valma, the Deacon-on-the-door or Julienne, the Parish Steward, 07-544-2565

What Do We Stand For?
We believe our purpose is to live out God's love for the world in our daily lives.

We do our best to make known to all people that God loves them and wishes to be in a loving relationship with them.

We strive to maintain a community of worship, prayer and service.

We seek to provide opportunities for people to make spiritual connections.

We also seek justice, proclaim truth, promote peace and support the needy.

Our Beliefs
God loves the world and all who live in it.

God desires a loving relationship with every person.

Lives can be turned around, renewed, and/or transformed through God's love as demonstrated in Jesus Christ.

Our Values (Quotes from John Wesley)

Wesley (June 17, 1703 - March 2, 1791) was an 18th-century English clergyman and Christian theologian who founded the Methodist movement of Protestantism. When he and his brother, Charles Wesley, joined with George Whitefield, Methodism began the first widely successful evangelical movement in the United Kingdom. Methodists, under Wesley's direction, became leaders in prison reform and abolitionism movements. As a theologian, he was a reluctant schismatic, preferring to alter the doctrinal focus of the Anglican Church than to form a new denomination. -- Wikipedia

1. We value our Christianity as a social religion, not solitary.

a. "Christianity is essentially a social religion, and to turn it into a solitary religion is indeed to destroy it."

2. We value Christianity as a whole, rather than denominational labels.

a. "But from real Christian, of whatsoever denominations they be, we earnestly desire not to be distinguished at all."

3. We value the concept of "Think, and let think."

a. "Though we cannot think alike, may we not love alike?"
b. "What is our religion if we cannot think and let think?"
c. "I impose my opinions on none. I make no opinion the term of union with any man; I think and let think. What I want is holiness of heart and life."

4. We value an outward focus. Go to people.

a. "How much better is it, when it can be done, to carry relief to the poor than to send it!"

5. We value open communication among ourselves.

6. We value openness, care, and concern.

7. We value acceptance.

8. We value an involvement in ministry of every person (lay people).