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  Easter Sunday

The floral display in the church which shows the empty tomb

In the Sundays leading up to Easter, our Minister, Leigh Sundberg, has been describing the stories of the different groups who came to Jerusalem for the Passover -  the Galilean peasants, the fanatical Zealots, the obdurate religious leaders, the well-off Jerusalemites, and the Imperial Romans. These people then encountered the events of the crucifixion of Jesus. It was quite an event that affected everyone. 

If it's true that the disciples (despite the prophetic utterances of Jesus) were not expecting the events of the cross (especially after 'Palm Sunday'), then it is equally true that they were not expecting the resurrection! The cross had left them devastated – where to from now? 

The religious authorities, the Romans and the richer, established Jerusalemites no doubt felt relief that things could get back to 'normal'. But things were to become anything but normal. The resurrection stories have this at their core, they are raw and unvarnished surprises! 

Can we still be surprised by God?


   The Last Supper?

 This may not be the last supper, but it will definitely be the last morning tea that the congregation will enjoy after church for some time.
Sadly, a recent Detailed Structural Assessment  carried out by registered structural engineers, has up- graded the risk factor of the Wesley Methodist Church Hall. It has now been classified as too great a risk to allow us to continue using it, and consequently, as from Monday the 9th April 2018 it will be closed for all use until strengthening has taken place.
It is the intention of the Property Committee to rectify the problem as soon as practically and safely possible, but it may be some months before this can be achieved. In the interim we will seek to make alternative arrangements within our existing venues for as many of the hall-related activities as possible

Wesley Methodist Church

We gather for worship every Sunday morning at 9.30am and there is a warm welcome for everyone to join

Communion is served on the first Sunday of the month. and everyone is invited and welcome to participate. 

Children and young people attend the first part of the service and then may join the 'Wesley Kidz' or Youth Group as they follow the Seasons of the Spirit programme with Bible Study, art, crafts, and much more.

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Tauranga Methodist Parish

Wesley is a member of the Tauranga Methodist Parish. The Parish consists of two churches, Wesley & St Stephens. Wesley is in the 'Avenues' area of Tauranga and St Stephens is in the suburb of Otumoetai. Please contact the Church Office (Ph. 07-578-8493) for more information


Church Activities

• Choir • Christian Education• Walking • Women's Fellowship
• Tramping • Wesley Wasps (Indoor soccer)
• Table Talk • Youth Group



Members of Wesley contribute to the life of the church in many different ways. While the information on the Giving Page relates to financial giving, other pages on this site illustrate the many ways you can get involved in the life of our church.

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Harvest Festival

To see photos taken at the Harvest Festival Service and afterwards at am tea
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