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    Books, Baking, Bling, Bric-a-Brac, Plants & BBQ Fair
                   here at St Paul's Union Church 

                    Bring a friend and browse through the books
                       and have a biscuit with your morning tea.

                            Saturday 12th May 9am -11.30am 

St Paul's Christmas

7 Jan 10am Morning Worship

                    Christine Bailey   


14 Jan 10am Morning Worship with Communion                          

                      Rev Warren Blundell


21 Jan 10am Morning Worship

                      Wendy Emslie


28 Jan 10am Morning Worship

                      Rev Alison Molineux


            3 Dec       10am  Communion Service -1st Advent

                                        Rev Alison Molineux

                             2.30pm Choral Society-A Cantata for Christmas + Christmas Carols

                                                                     St Andrew's Church

                             7pm Combined Churches Advent Service St Paul's Union Church

           10 Dec     10am Christian World Service Morning Worship- 2nd Advent

                            Rev Alison Molineux

            17 Dec     10am Morning Worship- 3rd Advent 

                                       Rev Alison Molineux  

                              7pm Remembrance Service

                                       Rev Alison Molineux                              

            20 Dec    
5.30pm Family Fun Variety Concert  with a Christmas themed shared supper                           


            24 Dec     10am Lessons & Carols Service-4th Advent

                                       Rev Alison Molineux


                  25 Dec    10am Christmas Day Service

                                      Rev Alison Molineux 


            31Dec      10am Morning Worship

                                       Rev Alison Molineux



Men's Munch  The final meeting of 2017 will be held on THURSDAY 7th December.


We are planning a special festive menu to be followed by entertainment and Roger Smitheram recounting his impressions of his recent visit to USA.


A minimum donation of $6 please and as usual any surplus from this gathering will be donated to the Taupo Food Bank.

We look forward to providing you with another enjoyable evening.

5.30pm for dinner to be served at 5.45pm.  Thursday 7th December.  


 St Paul's Fellowship 2017

  Friday 27th October


A tour amongst the islands between the very far north of Canada and Greenland, all within the Arctic circle was an enlightening and rather cold experience.

Come to fellowship on October 27th-and hear and see how this traveller survived!

All welcome to join Mary and other friends for a chat in the lounge from 10.30am.

Remember items for the sales table too please.



Men's Munch   

Tuesday  3rd October  

5.30 pm for a 5.45 pm meal




Our guest speaker, Ian Connon, is the Emergency Manager for the Taupo District Council and he will be telling us about how the Parish buildings will be used in the event of an emergency.







This will be an interesting evening and there will be opportunity for you to also hear how Civil Defence operates in Taupo.





Another tasty meal is planned for your enjoyment.







Probably the last of our winter menus and then a special end of year evening in November. Allan will be phoning as a reminder. 



St Paul's Fellowship 2017

Friday 22nd September




from 10.30am in the Church Lounge

Bob Miller has a most interesting story to tell of his life and work before moving to Taupo and joining our congregation at St Paul's.

A natural story teller, Bob will fascinate you with his presentation.


A warm welcome and cheery chat awaits you while sharing a cuppa with friends from 10.30am





Ash Wednesday 2016

Reflection:  A time to let go

Ash Wednesday: fasting and ashes, they're not really part of our everyday lifestyle today are they?

Or are they?

Maybe not self inflicted, maybe not a chosen part of our lives, but a part they are!

 We do know times of fasting, times of deep hunger in our hearts, times of going without, when we lose something or someone precious - partner, child, health, employment, respect, and so on - they are times of fasting indeed.

And ashes- who has not known the bitterness of a dream turned to ashes, the sour taste, the acrid smell when it all goes wrong.

So, because this is already so much part of our experience  - without having to add to it or force it  -  perhaps we should not make  Lent a time of  new, self-imposed  restrictions and going without, but instead  use this  season to acknowledge the Lenten times  and experiences we all  do  have in our lives.

 For some of us this Lent, we are already experiencing great losses in our lives – of health, of a beloved family member. And for some of us Lent will come at a time we are already experiencing great grief and remorse.  We acknowledge that reality here tonight in the presence of a loving God.

 I also acknowledge that for those of you for whom sorrow, and ashes are already very much present, the traditional call of Lent to self-denial, to give something else up must seem like a slap in the face.

So let's try a different approach .Maybe instead   when life is already hard, Lent becomes a time for us to stay still, to look gently, but honestly at our losses, at the fasts that already exist in our lives, to try to see these things - hesitantly, slowly, for Lent is a long time-  to try to see these circumstances and the feelings they bring, in the light of the love we have known of God.

 For others of us life will continue smoothly this Lent - we will be and feel blessed.

Yet for those of us for whom life is going well, Lent calls on us also, to remember, to accept, that lean times will come, that lean times are not  a punishment but part of the seasons of our life, part of our growth and our journey with God.

Like it or not autumn does follow summer: by the time Easter comes autumn will be our reality here in the Southern hemisphere.  And winter cold and barrenness will follow autumn.  Lent comes as a reminder that the warmth of summer will end.

 May it also help us learn that God is with us in all the seasons of our lives. 

That God is a God of emptiness as well as fullness, of struggle as well as smoothness.

I wonder if God offers us times of emptiness, times of letting go, perhaps to make room for us to grow.  Much as a loving parent lets go of  their toddler's hand to encourage them to walk. 

Sometimes it's a scary process, sometimes our lives are swept frighteningly bare through circumstances beyond our control.

Other times , in our comfort zones, the midst of our  abundance, if we dare listen, we hear God's still small voice asking us to throw away some of the clutter in our lives. To let go of things both shameful and precious.  It isn't easy.  But for me it is a key to the meaning of Lent.  Not so much a time to give up things, but a time to  let go of things -of expectations, of attitudes, both precious and destructive. Letting them go into the mystery that is God.     

When we acknowledge that what was important to us in the past is now to  become ashes, that is a courageous Lenten  act of letting go and an act of true disciple ship

I invite you to take a minute or two in silence to ask yourself, to ask God .What do I need to let go of at this time? It may be something you are glad to let go of – maybe a responsibility or a task that you no longer have energy or time to continue with – maybe memories, guilt or shame  that you have held onto for far too long.  What will be a relief to surrender?

What might be a real struggle to part with? Maybe a cherished hope that has not come to fruition? A person? A habit? Something that if you let it go may completely change your life.

And if you wish, jot these things down on your paper leaf.  Soon you can bring those leaves up and burn them to ashes.  Take some time to think, pray and write

Take heart in the words of Meister Eckhart: There, where clinging to things ends, is where God begins.

Silent reflection

One last thing : Let us also remember that ashes aren't the end of the story.  Just as Lent ends in Easter, so too, ashes, as fertiliser bring about new life and growth.  Our emptiness makes room for God's new fullness.