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The need to respond to Covid 19 is changing the rhythm and pattern of our days: plans and decisions are needing to be made and remade.
Please visit the Resources page for more ways to help.
It may be that some of our gatherings and events will need to be reconsidered, postponed or even cancelled.
 However, as a Synod we are taking advice from groups like the Government, Ministry of Health and the Methodist Church of New Zealand.
Keep an eye on these and consult with your church  leaders so that you are all in agreement about any decisions you make.

We are also trying to be sensible and proactive but aware that a state of panic doesn't help anyone.

What's Hot?

Super Saturday vaccinations - October 2021
The Methodist Church of New Zealand Te Haahi Weteriana o Aotearoa strongly supports the NZ vaccination programme and encourages everyone who can, to get vaccinated.
Super Saturday was a success with many Covid-19 vaccine doses administered on 16th October.

'Virtual' Induction - September 2021

News from Chartwell Co-operating parish.

Synod members as well as those from St Alban, Chartwell Co-operating parish have been pleased to be able to join in a service of celebration for the  'Virtual'  Installation and Induction of the Rev Dr Jekheli Singh this afternoon (12th Sept).

Jekheli was recently appointed to this position, and the service was led by Archbishop Philip Richardson; assisted by Rev Ron Mills (Presbyterian church) and Deacon Margaret Birtles (Methodist Synod), as well as members of the St Albans congregation.

About 140 people joined by Zoom & Facebook, including Jekheli's family from India.

We congratulate Jekheli,  look forward to the ministry she has to offer, and welcome her into the Waikato/Waiariki synod.

Commissioning - Waikato Hospital - June 2021
Commissioning of Heather Major to Hospital Chaplaincy at Waikato Hospital     Margaret Birtles and Heather Major

Refresh - Epworth - May 2021
Refresh at Epworth had theme - Our Life has its Seasons. Autumn - a time for letting go and making room.
     Beautiful Autumn views

Alison Molineaux lead us through a time of guided reflection on Tuesday afternoon, making good use of the wonderful Epworth grounds.
We had use of pictures, garden items, Autumn leaves, as we went from table to table.

Discussion groups on Wednesday based on "Pulling up the Tent Pegs" or "Building on the Rock".
 Adrian (UCANZ) & Ngaire (Tauranga) guided us as we considered on out future as churches in todays society.

Messy Church - Putarararu - May 2021
Super Team visit to Putarararu on May 1 and 2.
St Pauls have a wonderful community in Messy Church.                                           (Sir David Moxon)
With funding from "Let the Children Live" they organised a Pilgrimage to Tararoe's Grave in Waharoa, and heard her story from Archbishop Sir David Moxon.
The Messy Church programme was based on this pilgrimage - story told again by Sir David.

Messy Church activities:
Mary-Rose, one of team

 Making the Peace garden

Congratulations to the dedicated Messy Church Team!

Easter Camp - Epworth - April 2021
Tik Tok Easter Camp was held at Epworth.
For more information please visit Epworth's Facebook page.

Synod - Taupo - March 2021
Synod was held at St Paul's Union Parish on March 12th. 
Ministerial Synod welcomed visitors - Rev. Adrian Skelton from UCANZ, and Semisi Pohiva from Royal Commision of Enquiry into Historical Abuse in Care - who gave a report on work the Pacific Investigation team is doing. After a lovely meal, provided by the Taupo Parish, the full Synod met.
We were reminded about UCANZ Forum to be held in Waikanae 16-18 April. The youth sent us a message via YouTube and it is hoped that Synod youth will attend Easter Camp 1-5 April.

Induction - Taupo - February 2021
St Pauls Union Parish was the venue for the inductions of Manoa Akanesi.

 Manoa receiving Ministry Symbols        Support team from New Plymouth

                       Rob Fergusson                                                 Taupo congregation
30th Anniversary - Melville - February 2021
Melville held its 30th Anniversary Celebrations
Photos courtesy of Rob Rounthwaite.
Induction of Superintendency Team - Te Awamutu - February 2021
Te Awamutu Methodist church was the venue for the Induction of Superintendency Team for Waikato Waiariki Synod on 2nd Feb, conducted by President Rev Andrew Doubleday
Deacon Margaret Birtles, Viv Whimster & Rev Alison Molineux  are the 'Super Team'.
  St Stephens Tauranga was Margaret's previous parish, and this group of sponsors attended. Shown here with President Andrew.    Super Team
President Andrew welcoming those present.    Rev Dr Mary Caygill, gave the address.   Te Awamutu choir, led by organist Deacon June Higham, sang a blessing for the team.
Symbols of Ministry presented to the team: Bowl & jug symbol of Diaconate,   USB Memory stick,   and Synod stole.  
Margaret shared with the congregation.    Following the service there was a time for people to bring greetings, this was led by Ngaire Southon.

Waikato Supernumeries Meeting - February 2021
Waikato Supernumeries meet with President Andrew

Reports of recent events in the life of the Synod, and an accompanying photograph are welcome. Please send to Webmaster

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