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Melville Church History

GREETINGS - From Rev W.R. Francis ex-superintendent, Hamilton Circuit

The city of Hamilton and the Methodist Church have a long history of sharing fortunes and setting future goals - so as the city expanded southward it was only natural that Methodism would soon follow.


Thus it was, with the, generous help of the Hamilton Methodist Trust, the circuit decided to establish a cause in the general direction of the Melville area where a Presbyterian cause was the only other denomination represented there at the time. Settling the site posed problems as the extent of the expansion could only be guessed and land was in demand.... W.R. Francis 

The Melville Methodist church has offered ministry on this site consistently for forty years. It began as a part time ministry by a group of Christian people deeply committed to a gospel of love, care, and compassion. Over time Melville people developed into a full time ministry and a new worship centre has been added. A bargain Bin (opportunity shop) was established and quickly gained a reputation as a very useful form of ministry in the Melville area ........ K Desmond Cooper Parish Superintendent October 1999.

Celebrating our 150th anniversary!

Our Historian/Archivist Virginia Graham tells of her "Ladder Moment" to Rev Edwin Clarke, when Methodism, which began in Hamilton 150 years ago, became a part of her life, as witnessed by her Baptism Certificate.