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Dargaville Methodist Parish

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Quilted Stained Glass Windows
On 6th June 2004 Dargaville Methodist Parish celebrated 125 years of Methodism in Dargaville. These Quilted Stained Glass Windows, made by Jill Amesbury, were commissioned for that celebration. The windows depict the 4 liturgical seasons, and the Sacraments Five pulpit drops have been made by Mrs Cynthia Shirtcliffe and Mrs Jean Chitty. The vision for these windows came from Rev Brice Herbert. He had an eye for colour and design and appreciated the power of symbolism in worship.



The colour purple is used during the seasons of Advent and Lent. Madonna and child is a powerful symbol for Christmas.

Ordinary Time

The green window shows the new punga fronds unfurling - nature's symbol of new life, fresh growth. This will be the most used Window, constantly reminding the congregation of the new life which the Holy Spirit calls us to, and nurtures us in.


The colour red is used to symbolise Pentecost, Fire, Ordination, Induction, sometimes Adult baptism and for the funeral of a "Saint" of the church. Vibrant in its toning the colour red reminds us of the power and cleansing work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the individual, the church and the community. The Quilted Stained Glass Window depicts the Spirit of God dancing upon the heads of the disciples as recorded in the Book of Acts.

The Sacraments

The colour white is used throughout the year on Communion Sundays, Christmas Eve through to the third Sunday in January, on Transfiguration Sunday, Easter Day through to the seventh Sunday following, and again on Trinity Sunday. The Quilted Stained Glass Window depicts the 2 Sacraments observed by the Methodist Church - Holy Communion and Baptism. The loaf and grapes depict the Bread and Wine, while the river depicts the cleansing agency of Water used in Baptism


The colour Green is used for for 29 weeks of the year.
The window depicts those Ah-ha moments in life when we come to a new appreciation of Christ and his work

THE LENTEN STAINED GLASS WINDOW. This window is displayed during the season of lent. Two palm branches against a darkened sky tell the story of Palm Sunday. The dark sky tells of the trial to come. The three grey and black squares at the foot of the window depict the donkey on which Jesus rode into Jerusalem. The background depicts the cloaks and coats that were laid on the road. Two feathers are stitched into the design to represent Peter's denial of Jesus on the night he was betrayed and the three nails, drops of blood and the cross depict Christ's crucifixion and death. The window is removed on Easter Saturday.