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We gather for worship on Sunday morning at 10.00am and 

there is a warm invitation to join us.


Holy Communion is on the first Sunday of each month.

Everyone is invited and welcome to participate in receiving


 We celebrate communion with an open table, which means that  we welcome anyone to join us in receiving the bread and grape juice, from any background of faith and any age. It is Methodist practice not to serve wine, but unfermented grape juice. People are invited to come forward for communion and may kneel or stand. For those unable to move easily, the Presbyter will serve them where they are seated.


The 1905 Hobday organ is played to accompany traditional and contemporary hymns. We use songs from NZ Hymnbook Trust collection, many written by Colin Gibson and Shirley Murray. We also sing great Wesley hymns, sometimes amending the words to make them more inclusive and relevant. On occasion the choir will provide music.


On any 5th Sunday in a month we have a combined service with our neighbours St Andrews Presbyterian. Also during January the two congregations share worship together.


REV. Ian Boddy           MY PHILOSOPHY OF WORSHIP            

I aim to provide an event which makes people think, smile and feel they belong and are in  touch with God.
* Worship services are carefully planned with a theme. I personally use pop song titles to name each service and help give a theme and focus.
* In sermons I analyse the scripture, ask questions of it, get beyond common assumptions, show scriptural connections, and delve into meaning, personal relevance, growth and change.
* I start with today, & give thanks for the day in prayer. Participants in worship bring themselves and take what they do in worship out into the day and out into the community. I ask the congregation to grow, realise, think, & reflect.
*Everyone is welcome, included, & honoured.
*The focus is on God's love, the love of Jesus, and the Spirit helping us to love. I preach a living, liveable, relevant faith, and advocate a liberal theology, an open mind, wide reading, and respect for scholarship.
*Power Point enhances worship. My pictures are of local scenery, our church life and my own photo file to fit theme, hymns, prayer. The power point presentation shows the words to hymns, responsive prayers, and each segment of worship, an introduction, occasional stories in pictures, and ending.

 Tongan Fellowship

On Communion Sundays the Tongan Congregation join us for worship. They also have services on Sunday afternoons speaking in their Tongan language.