Sumner Redcliffs Lyttelton Union Parish

Sumner Redcliffs Lyttelton Union Parish - Contact Details

PORT HILLS UNITING PARISH (Methodist-Presbyterian) services:

Redcliffs: 4 Augusta Street (opp site of New World Supermarket) 10am.

Lyttelton: Chapel, 40 Winchester St (combined with Anglicans) 10am.

Presbyter: Rev Neil Keesing
For pastoral care and visits to people with special needs, or simply to talk to a Minister please call Neil on  021 288 9464

Our Mission:
In the Union Parish we engage in "open Christianity" which is about "open hearts, open, minds and open doors."  We welcome all-comers to join us on the pilgrimage of life.  Jesus is our primary inspiration and guide.  We recognise that others may have a different primary inspiration or none.  We seek to journey togther, learning from each other, and praying for a world in which all people live together in peace, cherishing the whole creation.


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