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 Cherryl, Janet, Bill and I attended the recent Synod meeting. Thursday through Saturday for me and Bill, and Friday to Saturday for Janet and Cherryl.

 I thought the experience was quite good and we dealt with a great deal of business.  Usually this weekend long full Synod meeting would deal with papers in preparation for Conference.  We dealt with four significant papers, The Church's Climate Justice Policy, Responsible Investment, Law Revision, and Considering Episcopacy as a Sign of Continuity and Unity.  All these papers look set to be avenues for some robust debate.

 The paper I got a bit agitated over was the last of these.  This paper asked us to explore a journey that would see a mutuality in Anglican and Methodist ordained ministry.  My agitation was partly about the idea of bishops but also about my interest in ecclesiastical (the nature and meaning of Church) matters.  My theological dissertation explored the meaning of the one holy catholic and apostolic church and the later twentieth century Methodist Church of New Zealand.  The paper was one I thought it was something I could get my teeth into, which of course I did.              

My first draft of this article got to about 2,500 words before I realised that Jocelyn might find it a bit long to be included in August's Windows edition.

 I grew up in the Church Union era.  The plan for union was the product of negotiations with the Anglican, Churches of Christ, Congregationalists, Methodist and Presbyterian Churches. 

The plan for union offered a real possibility for Church Unity.  As it turned out the only Church left supporting the plan was the Methodist Church.  The successful union that did occur was between some Congregationalist congregations and the Presbyterian Church.

The church union movement was a global phenomenon.  The United Church of South India, Canada, Solomon Islands and Australia are some successes for this movement.  The mutuality of Methodist – Anglican ministry is also a global phenomenon. The Republic of Ireland has attained this with Britain and the US are making significant moves in this area, however New Zealand is struggling with this.  If our church wants the present negotiations to work, I'm happy to support this but with some reservations.

It is said that to be a Methodist is to be ecumenical.  We as a church are proud about our track record. 

What we can't lose sight of is what some have come to refer to as deep ecumenism. One that goes beyond a structural unity.  One that is practiced in the local congregations in local neighbourhoods.  That is, Jesus' concern that we would be known as his disciples by the love that is practiced.  In John Wesley's theological frame, compassion, the providence of God's love in history, Grace and Extravagant love.

If you are interested in reading the Synod Paper

"Considering Episcopacy…" or the article  "To be Methodist is to be ecumenical" let me know and I can either email these to you or arrange to get hard copies.                                                                          




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