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SUNDAY October 7th       10:00 a.m. Communion
                                                       Rev Andrew Donaldson
                                                      World Communion Sunday
                                            7:00 p.m. Contemplative Service

SUNDAY October 14th    10:00 a.m. Rev Andrew Donaldson 
SUNDAY October 21st    10:00 a.m. Rev Bill Elderton

SUNDAY October 28th    10:00 a.m. Rev Andrew Donaldson



In the Press, Tuesday September 25, 2018 there appeared an article entitled "Tip of the Corrupt Iceberg".  The article highlighted a corrupt practice of migrants buying jobs in order to gain New Zealand residence.  If what is described in the article is happening, and it would appear highly probable, then it has to be of a major concern.  One reported scam had migrants taking up prearranged jobs and paying back half their wages to corrupt employers.

New Zealand relies on migrants to provide much needed skills for our economy, to help boost and diversify our population base, to provide humanitarian solutions for refugees and to support recent migrants and refugees by opening avenues where their family members can resettle in New Zealand.
However, there are limitations to who can obtain a visa.  Migrants for example are not to undermine New Zealand wages and salaries.

There are a variety of victims in the scam. New Zealand workers (citizens and residence visa holders) miss out on employment opportunities.  The scam lowers wages and salaries.  It also lowers the competitiveness of legitimate businesses.  While the article acknowledges that those who are working within these scams knowingly break the law, they too are preyed upon by the scammers who target their vulnerability.  Those who find employment this way are not rich and not really in a position to afford to repay half their wages.  If they could afford to they would likely be able to enter N. Z. under investment related immigration visa categories.

The article points out those targeted by the scammers are often young people.  They come into N.Z. via a student visa to study what are relatively low-level qualifications (usually in business below a bachelor's degree) with the promise of a residence pathway that is unlikely to be achieved. The new Government has acted decisively on this issue.

I can think of a number of young people who were promised futures that were simply not there. All had a glimpse of living in N.Z. and simply did not want to go home.  Their lives in their homelands were sometimes places of violence and despair. Places where they didn't want to be.

Last Sunday (23rd September) Linda Cowen led our worship and had us reflect on Isaiah 65: 17 -25.  Some time ago, these verses were the subject of a little book entitled The Isaiah Vision, In the Good News Bible, which we use Sunday by Sunday, these verses are entitled "The New Creation"  It goes some way in describing the Kingdom of God.  This new way turns on its head the bleakness of what many people faced on a day-to-day basis millennia ago and others face today in N.Z.
Globally there is much work to do to curate a planet where everyone can live healthy and long lives, where each is able to contribute to their communities where each contribution is treasured and held in high regard.

To get there requires a journey of many steps.  One we face today is the plight of a segment of migrant workers who are being exploited.  This exploitation has negative run on effects that undermine local wages and salaries and introduce corrupt and unfair competitive practices amongst firms.  



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Updated 26 September, 2018