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Christchurch South Parish

St Marks Somerfield


Growing & sharing our faith in God, 

Joining together for worship & celebration,  

Living faith by serving others and offering hospitality to our local community



Acceptance, Caring, 
Creativity, Outreach, Teamwork, Worshipfulness

St Marks Church and Hall
Cnr Barrington & Somerfield Streets, Somerfield, Christchurch 8024
See Map at the bottom of this web page.

C/- Parish Office, 27 Remuera Ave, Cashmere, Christchurch 8022
Phone:+64 (03) 980 5002


SUNDAY March 3rd       10.00 a.m.  Rev Andrew Donaldson celebrates Holy Communion                                                 7 p.m.        Contemplative Service                                                            SUNDAY March 10th      10:00 a.m. Rev Andrew Donaldson

SUNDAY March 17th      10:00 a.m. Rev Andrew Donaldson 

SUNDAY March 24th      10:00 a.m. Rev Andrew Donaldson  

SUNDAY March 31st      10.00 a.m. Rev Darryn Hickling  (Methodist City Chaplain                                                                               from 'Streets Ministry')


SUNDAY April 7th           10:00 a.m. Rev Andrew Donaldson   Holy Communion & Harvest                                                   7 p.m.      Contemplative Service

SUNDAY April 14th          10:00 a.m. Rev Andrew Donaldson

THURSDAY April 18th       7:30 p.m. Maundy Thursday Service at Knox Presbyterian Church                                                               Shared with Knox & Durham St Congregations            

 FRIDAY April 19th           10:00 a.m. Shared Good Friday Service at St Marks

SUNDAY April 21st          10:00 a.m.  Rev Andrew Donaldson Easter Communion

SUNDAY April 28th          10:00 a.m.  Rev Bill Elderton

Please Note: Church building renovations are underway.  Entry to the church and hall is from Somerfield Street. See picture above. The car is still be available.


Over January I enjoyed three weeks leave.  I was relaxed by about mid way through the third week.  Holidays are important for us all.  Today holidays are made for rest and recreation and to celebrate important occasions such as Easter and Christmas.  Our celebration holidays are based on the Christian tradition.  We also have national holidays including Waitangi Day. ANZAC Day and Queen's Birthday.  And then we have all the provincial holidays.  Then there are our annual leave days.  Do we give ourselves annual leave days when we are retired?.  And remember Sundays were also for rest and relaxation.  The origin of the word 'holiday' comes from the Old English haligdaeg meaning 'holy day'.

Sunday was once a holy day and we had a break from the routine of commerce?  Oh how times have changed.  I was at Theological  College when Sunday was opened up to shopping. 

I recall the particular Sunday due to hearing a sermon in the morning blasting this move and then meeting the wife of a senior Methodist Minister at the Supermarket in the afternoon.  The two of us were in same service that morning hearing the same sermon. I recall we both were embarrassed to meet each other. I also recall a discussion with my sister who worked in retail campaigning against Sunday shopping.  Her argument was that it was the one day of the week that can be guaranteed as a day off.  For her Sunday was a family day. At the time of turning Sundays over to commerce the promise by the then Government was that if someone needed the Sunday for their religious observances then they would be allowed not to work on a Sunday.

To which we now say Yeah Right?"

Over the last number of decades successive governments have restricted how holidays can be taken in the name of providing a more flexible work force.  However, over a decade ago the Government did increase the number of annual leave days a worker might have, effectively moving from three weeks to four.

Easter is our next haligdaeg.  It is a little later this year.  This year we will be celebrating Easter with a shared Maundy Thursday service with Knox and Durham Street (at Knox). Good Friday shared with Durham Street at St Marks and Easter Sunday at St Marks.  Easter for Jesus disciples is busy.

As we celebrate the highest festival in the Christian Calendar we spare a thought for all those who work especially those who care for our lives, hospital and after hours medical care, paramedics, fire fighters and police.  And we spare a thought for those who are pressured into working when they would rather be following their religious practices.         



Phone +64 3 980 5002


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